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Wheatland, MO- (July 4th, 2014)- With perfect weather blanketing the Lucas Oil Speedway on a special Thursday night edition of the Budweiser Weekly Racing Series, 115 cars in the pits, and a huge crowd on hand, Tommy Cordray was the last man standing as he scored an emotional win on his birthday to capture the first leg of the ULMA Triple Crown Shootout at Lucas Oil Speedway on Casey's General Stores Night. Kerry Davis scored a thrilling 3-wide win in the USRA Modifieds, while Chip Shaddox captured a wildly popular win in the Factory Stocks. Kris Jackson narrowly beat Logan Martin to outdistance the competition in the USRA B-Mods.

The Tri-Lakes RV USRA B-Mods were the first class to hit the Diamond of Dirt Tracks for their main event as Kris Jackson and Logan Martin put on a driving clinic with Jackson on the extreme topside and Martin in the traction on the bottom as the pair raced lap after lap side by side with neither giving an inch. Jackson finally was able slightly pull ahead and capture the win from his sixth starting spot as Martin took the runner up spot after starting on the pole.

Steve Muilenburg charged all the way from his 18th starting position to cross the AAA Finish Line in third while Mike Striegel and Dakota Foster dueled for the final two spots in the top-5 with Striegel grabbing fourth at the finish and Foster fifth.

Next up on the ultra slick, smooth, and extremely competitive Lucas Oil Speedway surface was the Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks and they will be talking about this race for years to come as Wheatland's Chip Shaddox took his first ever win in his sixth year of racing in Wheatland. With David Hendrix dominating the season thus far in the Factory Stocks, CB Race Photos and Lucas Oil put up a $100 weekly bounty on Hendrix until he could be beat.

It only took Shaddox one week as he put his sparkling blue #1 on the bottom and outhustled Hendrix to the finish line as the crowd roared their approval. Hendrix held on for second at the finish and in a true show of sportmanship congratulated Shaddox in Victory Lane. Shawn Whitman came from his 9th starting spot to take 3rd at the finish. Toby Ott led early but ultimately settled for fourth in the final rundown. Otterville, Missouri's Clayton Campbell charged from 16th at the start to finish in fifth.

As if the night couldn't get any better, the Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds went three wide at the finish as Parkville, Missouri's Kerry Davis scored his first ever Lucas Oil Speedway win as he narrowly beat Tim Setzer and John Allen to the stripe as the crowd stood on the feet. Setzer had a nose on Allen to score the second spot with Allen in third. Jason Pursley steadily worked his way from his 10th starting spot to finish in 4th with Jason Russell rounding out the top-5.

The ALPS Food Store ULMA Late Models took the track as the final racing event of the evening with the first leg of the Lucas Cattle Company ULMA Shootout on the line as well as the $1,000 to win pay day courtesy of Rains Ice. With the track slick top to bottom, all eyes were on Larry Ferris in the red and yellow #51 and he appeared to be cruising to his third victory in a row.

A late race caution however would stack the field up for one final restart but as Ferris fired on the restart the field went by as he helplessly fought a flat right rear tire ending his bid for the win. Tommy Cordray charged to the top spot with J.D. Hubert in tow but Cordray had the car to beat and held off Hubert to score an emotional win on his birthday. Hubert crossed the line in second followed by Jake Williams in third. Dwight Niehoff slipped from his 3rd starting spot to finish fourth at the finish. Niehoff's teammate Payton Looney was the Keyser Manufacturing Hard Charger of the Race as he moved all the way from 17th at the start to fifth at the finish.

At the conclusion of the racing action, the huge crowd settled in their seats to celebrate our nation's independence with an amazing fireworks display courtesy of AM Pyrotechnics.

This coming Saturday July 12th, the 8th Annual CMH Diamond Nationals features the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series in their second and final appearance this season as the country's top Dirt Late Model Driver's attempt to claim the $10,000 winner's share of the purse and the prestigious Diamond Ring that goes with it.

John Blankenship held off a hard charging Jimmy Owens to take home the check and the ring in the 2013 edition of this huge event. Other top drivers expected to be in attendance include Don O'Neal, Jared Landers, Eddie Carrier Jr., Tony Jackson Jr., Terry Phillips, Earl Pearson Jr., Billy Moyer Jr., Steve Francis, and many more of the top Dirt Late Model Drivers in the Country!

The Top Drivers from the Lucas Oil MLRA will also be in attendance, as they challenge the stars and cars of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. The Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds run in support of the Late Models and will be in action gunning for a top prize of $750 to win courtesy of Clearlight Inn.

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Tri-Lakes RV USRA B-Mod Results-7/3/2014

A-Feature:1. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 2. Logan Martin (West Plains, MO), 3. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 4. Mike Streigel (Wheatland, MO), 5. Dakota Foster (Gardner, KS), 6. Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), 7. Derek Brown (Stoutland, MO), 8. Timothy Brown (Stoutland, MO), 9. Tony Myers (Alton, MO), 10. Cole Reed (Sheldon, MO), 11. Jerry Brown (Prescott, KS), 12. Bobby Williams (Pittsburg, MO), 13. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 14. Chad Staus (Otterville, MO), 15. John Haslock Jr. (Stockton, MO), 16. Chris Brockway (Warrensburg, MO), 17. Robb Ewing (Stockton, MO), 18. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 19. Bobby Ratterree (Mountian Grove, MO), 20. Davis Givens (Hutchinson, KS), 21. Galen Hassler (Columbia, MO), 22. Russell Niehoff (Lockwood, MO), 23. Andy Bryant (Fort Scott, KS), 24. Ryan Edde (Urbana, MO),

B-Feature 1:1. Ryan Edde (Urbana, MO), 2. Jerry Brown (Prescott, KS), 3. Robb Ewing (Stockton, MO), 4. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 5. Larissa Atnip (Jasper, MO), 6. Cayden Campbell (Nevada, MO), 7. Jayson Cruse (Greenwood, MO), 8. Donald Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 9. Josh Brown (Stoutland, MO), 10. Nate Thomas (Conway, MO), 11. Eric Graves (Richland, MO), 12. Chris Cheever (Lebanon, MO),

B-Feature 2:1. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 2. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 3. Chad Staus (Otterville, MO), 4. Chris Brockway (Warrensburg, MO), 5. Tyler Lewis (Columbia , MO), 6. Stacy Hall (Bolivar, MO), 7. Chad Neill (Dunnegan, MO), 8. Jenica Thomas (Conway, MO), 9. David Harris (Chilhowee, MO), 10. Andy Chrisenberry (Chilhowee, MO), 11. Gary Clark (Walker, MO),

Heat 1:1. Mike Streigel (Wheatland, MO), 2. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 3. Tony Myers (Alton, MO), 4. Cole Reed (Sheldon, MO), 5. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 6. Ryan Edde (Urbana, MO), 7. Cayden Campbell (Nevada, MO), 8. Stacy Hall (Bolivar, MO), 9. Jayson Cruse (Greenwood, MO), 10. Nate Thomas (Conway, MO),

Heat 2:1. Logan Martin (West Plains, MO), 2. Bobby Williams (Pittsburg, MO), 3. Bobby Ratterree (Mountian Grove, MO), 4. Russell Niehoff (Lockwood, MO), 5. Larissa Atnip (Jasper, MO), 6. Donald Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 7. Jerry Brown (Prescott, KS), 8. Eric Graves (Richland, MO), 9. Andy Chrisenberry (Chilhowee, MO), 10. Chad Neill (Dunnegan, MO),

Heat 3:1. Andy Bryant (Fort Scott, KS), 2. Davis Givens (Hutchinson, KS), 3. Derek Brown (Stoutland, MO), 4. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 5. Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), 6. Tyler Lewis (Columbia , MO), 7. David Harris (Chilhowee, MO), 8. Josh Brown (Stoutland, MO), 9. Robb Ewing (Stockton, MO), 10. Chris Cheever (Lebanon, MO),

Heat 4:1. Galen Hassler (Columbia, MO), 2. Dakota Foster (Gardner, KS), 3. Timothy Brown (Stoutland, MO), 4. Chris Brockway (Warrensburg, MO), 5. John Haslock Jr. (Stockton, MO), 6. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 7. Chad Staus (Otterville, MO), 8. Jenica Thomas (Conway, MO), 9. Gary Clark (Walker, MO),

Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stock Results-7/3/2014

A-Feature:1. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 2. David Hendrix (Waynsville, MO), 3. Shawn Whitman (Fair Grove, MO), 4. Toby Ott (Wheatland, MO), 5. Clayton Campbell (Otterville, MO), 6. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 7. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, M0), 8. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS), 9. Jonathan Romesburg (Goodman, MO), 10. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland, MO), 11. Brian Eckhoff (Higginsville, MO), 12. Jay Prevete (Windsor, MO), 13. Jeff Pipala (Macks Creek, MO), 14. Bobby Barnett (Republic, MO), 15. Gary Clark (Walker, MO), 16. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO), 17. Francisco Escamilla (Brighton, MO), 18. Sam Shadden (Fulton, KS),

Heat 1:1. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 2. Toby Ott (Wheatland, MO), 3. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 4. David Hendrix (Waynsville, MO), 5. Shawn Whitman (Fair Grove, MO), 6. Jay Prevete (Windsor, MO), 7. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS), 8. Clayton Campbell (Otterville, MO), 9. Francisco Escamilla (Brighton, MO),

Heat 2:1. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland, MO), 2. Brian Eckhoff (Higginsville, MO), 3. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, M0), 4. Jonathan Romesburg (Goodman, MO), 5. Gary Clark (Walker, MO), 6. Sam Shadden (Fulton, KS), 7. Jeff Pipala (Macks Creek, MO), 8. Bobby Barnett (Republic, MO), 9. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO),

Pitts Homes USRA Modified Results-7/3/2014

A-Feature:1. Kerry Davis (Parkville, MO), 2. Tim Setzer (Archie, MO), 3. John Allen (Chanute, KS), 4. Jason Pursley (Hermitage, MO), 5. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 6. Jeff Cutshaw (Cross Timbers, MO), 7. Shad Badder (Oak Grove, MO), 8. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 9. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 10. Justin Moon (Sedalia, MO), 11. Nathan Vaughn (Lincoln, MO), 12. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 13. Christopher Moon (Sedalia, MO), 14. Lance Town (Louisburg, KS), 15. Donnie Fellers (Wheatland, MO), 16. Daniel Anders (Joplin, MO), 17. Terry Kirk (Urbana, MO), 18. Josh Poe (Drexel, MO), 19. Craig Wood (Eldorado Springs, MO), 20. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 21. John Fellers (Flemington, MO), 22. Shawn Nations (Macks Creek, mo), 23. Dylan Hoover (Mexico, MO), 24. Scott Crigler (Alton, MO),

B-Feature:1. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 2. Daniel Anders (Joplin, MO), 3. Christopher Moon (Sedalia, MO), 4. Josh Poe (Drexel, MO), 5. Shad Badder (Oak Grove, MO), 6. Terry Kirk (Urbana, MO), 7. John Fellers (Flemington, MO), 8. Craig Wood (Eldorado Springs, MO), 9. Rusty Weir (Warsaw, MO), 10. Eddie Whitney (Sturgeon, MO), 11. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 12. Kevin Lutjen (Stover , MO), 13. Jerry Morgan (Ft. Scott, KS),

Heat 1:1. John Allen (Chanute, KS), 2. Kerry Davis (Parkville, MO), 3. Jason Pursley (Hermitage, MO), 4. Scott Crigler (Alton, MO), 5. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 6. John Fellers (Flemington, MO), 7. Shad Badder (Oak Grove, MO), 8. Jerry Morgan (Ft. Scott, KS),

Heat 2:1. Shawn Nations (Macks Creek, mo), 2. Jeff Cutshaw (Cross Timbers, MO), 3. Dylan Hoover (Mexico, MO), 4. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 5. Daniel Anders (Joplin, MO), 6. Rusty Weir (Warsaw, MO), 7. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO),

Heat 3:1. Tim Setzer (Archie, MO), 2. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 3. Donnie Fellers (Wheatland, MO), 4. Nathan Vaughn (Lincoln, MO), 5. Craig Wood (Eldorado Springs, MO), 6. Josh Poe (Drexel, MO), 7. Kevin Lutjen (Stover , MO),

Heat 4:1. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 2. Justin Moon (Sedalia, MO), 3. Lance Town (Louisburg, KS), 4. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 5. Eddie Whitney (Sturgeon, MO), 6. Christopher Moon (Sedalia, MO), 7. Terry Kirk (Urbana, MO),

ALPS Food Store ULMA Latemodel Results-7/3/2014

A-Feature:1. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 2. J.D. Hubert (Cross Timbers, MO), 3. Jake Williams (Lockwood, MO), 4. Dwight Niehoff (Lockwood, MO), 5. Payton Looney (Republic, MO), 6. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 7. Kenny Mudd (Winfield, MO), 8. Ethan Young (Harrisonville, MO), 9. Justin Russell (Henley, MO), 10. Todd McCoin (Barnett, MO), 11. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO), 12. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 13. Jon Binning (Warrensburg, MO), 14. Jonathan Melloway (Hallsville, MO), 15. Dalton Imhoff (Jamestown, MO), 16. R. D. Peterson (Springfield, MO), 17. Phil Edmondson (Marionville, Mo), 18. Ryan Petersheim, 19. Larry Ferris (Nevada, MO), 20. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 21. Evan Hubert (Cross Timbers, MO), 22. Mark Penticuff (Springfield, MO), 23. Greg Strong (Ozark, MO), 24. Lane Ehlert (Forestell, MO),

B-Feature:1. Payton Looney (Republic, MO), 2. Justin Russell (Henley, MO), 3. R. D. Peterson (Springfield, MO), 4. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO), 5. Phil Edmondson (Marionville, Mo), 6. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 7. Greg Strong (Ozark, MO), 8. Mark Penticuff (Springfield, MO), 9. Bob Cummings (Sedalia, MO), 10. Brandon Sawyers (Flemington, MO), 11. Jimmy Jobe (Odessa, MO), 12. Larry Jones (El Dorado Springs, MO),

Heat 1:1. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 2. Lane Ehlert (Forestell, MO), 3. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 4. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 5. Jon Binning (Warrensburg, MO), 6. Dalton Imhoff (Jamestown, MO), 7. Larry Jones (El Dorado Springs, MO), 8. Greg Strong (Ozark, MO), 9. Mark Penticuff (Springfield, MO), 10. Brandon Sawyers (Flemington, MO),

Heat 2:1. Dwight Niehoff (Lockwood, MO), 2. J.D. Hubert (Cross Timbers, MO), 3. Ethan Young (Harrisonville, MO), 4. Jake Williams (Lockwood, MO), 5. Evan Hubert (Cross Timbers, MO), 6. Payton Looney (Republic, MO), 7. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO), 8. Bob Cummings (Sedalia, MO), 9. Phil Edmondson (Marionville, Mo),

Heat 3:1. Larry Ferris (Nevada, MO), 2. Kenny Mudd (Winfield, MO), 3. Jonathan Melloway (Hallsville, MO), 4. Ryan Petersheim, 5. Todd McCoin (Barnett, MO), 6. R. D. Peterson (Springfield, MO), 7. Justin Russell (Henley, MO), 8. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 9. Jimmy Jobe (Odessa, MO),

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Dan Robinson
Lucas Oil Speedway General Manager
Lucas Oil MLRA Series Director
Office: (417) 282-5984

About Lucas Oil Speedway

Lucas Oil Speedway is considered by fans, drivers and industry insiders to be one of the top five Race Tracks in the Nation. Located in Wheatland, Missouri, approximately an hour from Springfield, Missouri and just a quick hour and a half from the Kansas City Metro Area, dubbed the "Diamond of Dirt Tracks" Lucas Oil Speedway certainly lives up to the title.

Twenty-One VIP Luxury Suites, HD Jumbo Tron Screen, Stadium Style Musco Sports Lighting, a Bose Sound System, Go-Kart Slick Track, The Diamond Bar, Track Treasures Gift Shop, the best track food in the country and paved pits are a few of the spectacular amenities setting the Diamond of Dirt apart. 2014 marks the 4th season for the Liquid Quarter Mile Drag Racing Lake, Lake Lucas. Two Nationally televised Drag Boat Races featuring the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series will be held in 2014 plus National Boat Racing Association (NBRA) events.

Lucas Oil Speedway hosts some of the largest and most popular events in the Midwest! National and regional touring series appear frequently for Special Events on the Diamond of Dirt Tracks. The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, POWRi Midget National Series, Lucas Oil Pro-Pulling League, United States Modified Touring Series, ASCS Sprint Cars and the Lucas Oil MLRA.

In addition to the incredible Special Events, the Lucas Oil Speedway Budweiser Weekly Racing Series features, the ALPS Food Stores ULMA Late Models, Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds, Carson's Corner NAPA Factory Stocks and the Tri-Lakes RV USRA B-Mods, racing weekly.

2014 Official Lucas Oil Speedway Marketing Partners
AAA Missouri
"The Official Auto Club" of Lucas Oil Speedway

Bill Roberts Chevrolet
"The Official Truck" of Lucas Oil Speedway

Ozarks Coca-Cola/Dr. Pepper
"The Official Soft Drink" of Lucas Oil Speedway

iON Cameras
"The Official Camera" of Lucas Oil Speedway
The lightest, fastest, fully-waterproof HD action camera on the market

E3 Spark Plugs
"The Official Spark Plug" of Lucas Oil Speedway

"The Official Insurance" of Lucas Oil Speedway

General Tire
"The Official Tire" of Lucas Oil Speedway

Lucas Oil Products
"The Official Oil" of Lucas Oil Speedway

"The Official Television Network" of Lucas Oil Speedway

Ole Smoky Moonshine
"The Official Moonshine of Lucas Oil Speedway"

Optima Batteries
"The Official Battery" of Lucas Oil Speedway

"The Official Classifieds" of Lucas Oil Speedway

"The Official Truck Lube and Tire Center" of Lucas Oil Speedway

Sunoco Race Fuels
"The Official Fuel" of Lucas Oil Speedway

2014 Lucas Oil Speedway Supporters Include:

AAA Missouri, A & G Electric, Advanced Automotive Repair, ALPS Food Stores, AM Pyrotechnics, American Broadband, American Racer Race Tires, Amerigas of Bolivar, Andy's Frozen Custard, Anglers Port Marine, AR Bodies, Ash Grove Aggregates, Bank of Urbana, ASI Racewear, Bell Helmets, Benton County Tire, Big Surf Water Park, Bill Roberts Chevrolet-Buick, Bridal Cave, Budweiser, Buzz's Market, BWI Sanitation, Candlelight Creations, Carson's Corner Napa Auto Parts, Casey's General Stores, Christian Healthcare and Rehabilitation, Citizens Memorial Healthcare, Clearlight Inn, Eibach Springs, Elite Auto Repair, Fast Shafts, Frog Signs, G2 Gemini Apparel, Harbor Campground & Marina, Hatfield Racing Engines, Heart of America Beverage, Hermitage Lumber, Hobby Time Motorsports, Hoosier Race Tires, Hot Rod Processing, Hot Rod Tracker, Impact Signs, Awnings and Wraps, inthepits.net, JH Custom Wheel & Accessory, Keyser Manufacturing, Kettle Treats, Kluhsman Racing Components, Kolath Automotive, Kona Ice, Lucas Cattle Company, MFA Bolivar, Midwest Low-E Insulation, Midwest Sheet Metal, Missouri Baptist Convention, National Wild Turkey Federation, Nemo Quarry, O'Bannon Bank, Old Kinderhook Golf Resort, Oil & Octane Shop, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Ozark Harley-Davidson, Ozarks Coca-Cola/Dr. Pepper, Petro Truck Stops, Pit Stop Auto Sales, Pitts Homes, Pitts Realty, Pitts Cattle, Poly Lift Boat Lifts, RACEceiver, Racinboys.com, RacinDirt.com, RacingJunk.com, Rains Ice Company, Ron Jenkins Accounting & Tax Service, Ron's Racing Collectibles, SBU Athletics, Scott Furniture, Shadow Lake Golf, S & H Farm Supply, Sleep Inn-Camdenton, Stillwater Resort, Sugarfoot BBQ, Sunoco Race Fuels, Sunflower Resort, Travel Centers of America, Tri-Lakes RV, Triangle Quick Shop, TNT Quick Shop, Twisted Tea, Vickie and Tim's Pub & Grub, Wheeler Livestock Auction, White's Marine Center


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