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Wheatland, Missouri - In the first official night of racing at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks, the Lucas Oil MLRA put on a show to remember! Chad Simpson of Mt. Vernon, Iowa held off Will Vaught of Crane, Missouri and hometown favorite Eric Turner who raced from 17th to finish third. In the first appearance of the Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds, Matt Dotson claimed the win over Jon Sheets and Terry Schultz. The Carson's Corner NAPA Factory Stocks feature did not disappoint with an exciting open to the 2013 Season. Burl Woods ended the night in Victory Lane ahead of Johnny Coats and Chip Shaddox. 

Spring Thunder featuring the Lucas Oil MLRA is a fan favorite to kick off the season of racing at Lucas Oil Speedway. An extra special night for the track and the series,  as this was the first race since Lucas Oil purchased the series from Harriett and Allen (Cowboy) Chancellor. Series Director and Lucas Oil Speedway General Manager, Dan Robinson, pulled double duty and produced an awesome night of racing.  



Chad Simpson and team in Victory Lane


Chad Simpson was fast from the outset of Saturday's Lucas Oil MLRA feature, but it wasn't until lap thirty-five he took the lead from Jesse Stovall. The pair raced to the flag stand off of turn four and Simpson never looked back. Will Vaught led the opening eleven laps, before Stovall was able to work to the front in lapped traffic. Stovall slowed late in the race with a flat left rear, which ended his shot a solid finish. The race's final caution waved with just three laps to go. On the restart it was smooth sailing for Simpson as Vaught and seventeenth starting Eric Turner dueled for second. Vaught held the position at the checkers, with Turner scored in third.

Tony Jackson Jr. debuted a new Club 29 Rocket, and earned the Casey's General Stores Hard Charger award as he moved from twentieth to fourth.

Matt Dotson of Clark, MO wheeled his way to Victory Lane in the Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds. All four of Saturday night's heat race winners were in the top five. Dotson was followed to the checkers by Neveda, Missouri's Jon Sheets. Sheets held off a charging Terry Schultz and John Allen for the second place finishing position. Jason Pursley rounded out the top five with an impressive night following a heat race win. The Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds will be back in action Saturday night, April 20th for the Lucas Oil Championship Series Season Opener. Look for an impressive field each week competing for Lucas Oil Championship points and USRA National Points.


Matt Dotson takes Pitts Homes USRA Modified Win

The Carson's Corner NAPA Factory Stocks never disappoint, putting on some of the best races and exciting finishes at Lucas Oil Speedway. Saturday night paid a special $750 to Win by Elite Auto Repair and John Brooks of Brooks Automotive. Burl Woods is no stranger to Victory Lane and led a field of charging drivers to the finish line. Woods looked impressively smooth as he cruised around the 3/8 mile. Johnny Coats finished second. Chip Shaddox worked his way up through the field to record a top three finish. Early in the race a heated battle for second through fifth kept fans on the edge of their seats. Ted Welschmeyer from Tebbetts, MO finished fourth and Brian Schutt completed the top five. 

Burl Woods Carson's Corner NAPA Factory Stock Feature Winner

Next week, April 20th FindItHere.com Night is the Weekly Championship Series Season Opener plus a special Kid's Night! The first 500 kids through the gate receive a FREE Diecast Car from Ron's Racing Collectibles. The ALPS Food Stores ULMA Late Models and the Tri-Lakes RV B-Mod's will make their first appearance of 2013 on the Diamond of Dirt. This event is perfect for the entire family with many special kid's games and activities, drawings and give-a-ways. Ron's Racing Collectibles will have great souvenir items for sale. Plus,  NWTF will have the Gun Girl back selling raffle tickets for a Glock 19 - 9mm. 

Saturday, April 20th, 2013 Information 

Gates open at 5:00 PM Hot Laps at 7:00 PM and racing at 7:30 PM 

Adults (16 and up) $12  

Seniors (62 and up) $8  

Youth (6-15) $5 

Kids (5 and under) FREE 

Family Pass $25  

Pit Pass $25

For the most up to date Lucas Oil Speedway  information and schedule details, visit,www.LucasOilSpeedway.com.

LUCAS OIL MLRA  April 13th, 2013

Lucas Cattle Company A Feature (40 Laps): 1. Chad Simpson (Mt Vernon, IA), 2. Will Vaught (Crane, MO), 3. Eric Turner (Hermitage, MO), 4. Tony Jackson, Jr (Lebanon, MO), 5. Brad Looney (Republic, MO), 6. David Turner (Creighton, MO), 7. Brandon McCormick (Lebanon, MO), 8. Dave Eckrich (Cosgrove, IA), 9. Bryon Allison (Marshall, MO), 10. Chase Junghans (Manhattan, KS), 11. Travis Dickes (Madison, NE), 12. Mark Dotson (Cameron, MO), 13. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 14. Jesse Stovall (Billings, MO), 15. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 16. Shawn Knuckles (Poplar Bluff, MO), 17. Justin Asplin (Birch Tree, MO), 18. Jason O'Brien (Atlantic, IA), 19. Matt Johnson (Archie, MO), 20. Terry Phillips (Springfield, MO), 21. Matt Brookshire (Newburg, MO), 22. Kevin Sather (Des Moines, IA), 23. Justin Wells (Aurora, MO), 24. Tommy Weder Jr. (Woodward, OK)

Impact Signs, Awnings and Wraps B Feature (15 Laps):1. Eric Turner (Hermitage, MO), 2. Tommy Weder Jr. (Woodward, OK), 3. Tony Jackson, Jr (Lebanon, MO), 4. Mark Dotson (Cameron, MO), 5. Timothy Culp (Prattsville, AR), 6. Justin Zeitner (LaVista, NE), 7. Jason Bodenhamer (Centerview, MO), 8. Travis Dickes (Madison, NE), 9. Dustin Walker (Peculiar, MO), 10. Justin Asplin (Birch Tree, MO), 11. Bill Leighton (Omaha, NE), 12. Larry Jones (El Dorado Springs, MO), 13. Brantlee Gotschall (Nevada, MO), 14. Kevin Sather (Des Moines, IA), 15. Corey Zeitner (Bellevue, NE), 16. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 17. Chance Bishop (Bartlesville, OK)

Lucas Oil Products Heat 1 (10 Laps):1. Jesse Stovall (Billings, MO), 2. Matt Brookshire (Newburg, MO), 3. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 4. Chad Simpson (Mt Vernon, IA), 5. Eric Turner (Hermitage, MO), 6. Travis Dickes (Madison, NE), 7. Brantlee Gotschall (Nevada, MO), 8. Dustin Walker (Peculiar, MO), 9. Chance Bishop (Bartlesville, OK)

ProtectTheHarvest.com Heat 2 (10 Laps):1. Chase Junghans (Manhattan, KS), 2. Brandon McCormick (Lebanon, MO), 3. Terry Phillips (Springfield, MO), 4. Justin Wells (Aurora, MO), 5. Tommy Weder Jr. (Woodward, OK), 6. Bill Leighton (Omaha, NE), 7. Tony Jackson, Jr (Lebanon, MO), 8. Justin Zeitner (LaVista, NE)

Hoosier Racing Tires Heat 3 (10 Laps):1. Brad Looney (Republic, MO), 2. Shawn Knuckles (Poplar Bluff, MO), 3. Matt Johnson (Archie, MO), 4. Dave Eckrich (Cosgrove, IA), 5. Corey Zeitner (Bellevue, NE), 6. Justin Asplin (Birch Tree, MO), 7. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 8. Kevin Sather (Des Moines, IA)

MAV TV American Real Heat 4 (10 Laps):1. Will Vaught (Crane, MO), 2. Bryon Allison (Marshall, MO), 3. Jason O'Brien (Atlantic, IA), 4. Mark Dotson (Cameron, MO), 5. David Turner (Creighton, MO), 6. Jason Bodenhamer (Centerview, MO), 7. Timothy Culp (Prattsville, AR), 8. Larry Jones (El Dorado Springs, MO)


Ozarks Coca-Cola A-Feature:1. Matt Dotson (Clark, MO), 2. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 3. Terry Schultz (Sedalia, MO), 4. John Allen (Chanute, KS), 5. Jason Pursley (Wheatland, MO), 6. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 7. Rylan Long (Greenfield, MO), 8. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 9. David Hendrix (Waynsville, MO), 10. Terry Kirk (Urbana, MO), 11. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 12. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 13. Brandon Givens (Hutchinson, KS), 14. Dennis Bunger (Harrisonville, MO), 15. Craig Wood (Eldorado Springs, MO), 16. Lucas Dobbs (El Dorado Springs, MO), 17. Dennis Walrath (Clinton, Mo ), 18. Paden Phillips (Chanute, KS), 19. Christopher Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 20. Tim Dotson (Sturgeon, MO), 21. Robbie Bryant (Willard, MO), 22. Michael Maggard (Republic, MO), 23. David Ralph (Raymore, MO), 24. Travis  Smith (Parsons , ks)

B-Feature:1. Travis  Smith (Parsons , ks), 2. David Hendrix (Waynsville, MO), 3. Christopher Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 4. Lucas Dobbs (El Dorado Springs, MO), 5. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 6. Brandon Givens (Hutchinson, KS), 7. Dennis Walrath (Clinton, Mo ), 8. Tim Dotson (Sturgeon, MO), 9. Scotty Bough (Nevada, MO), 10. Lance  Town (Louisburg, KS), 11. Mike Streigel (Wheatland, MO), 12. Josh Woody (Wayneville, MO), 13. Nathan Vaughn (Lincoln, MO), 14. Jeff Cutshaw (Cross Timbers, MO), 15. Jason Bodenhamer (Centerview, MO)

 Heat 1:1. John Allen (Chanute, KS), 2. Robbie Bryant (Willard, MO), 3. Terry Kirk (Urbana, MO), 4. David Ralph (Raymore, MO), 5. Jeff Cutshaw (Cross Timbers, MO), 6. Brandon Givens (Hutchinson, KS), 7. David Hendrix (Waynsville, MO), 8. Lance  Town (Louisburg, KS),

 Heat 2:1. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 2. Michael Maggard (Republic, MO), 3. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 4. Terry Schultz (Sedalia, MO), 5. Christopher Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 6. Nathan Vaughn (Lincoln, MO), 7. Josh Woody (Wayneville, MO),

 Heat 3:1. Jason Pursley (Wheatland, MO), 2. Craig Wood (Eldorado Springs, MO), 3. Rylan Long (Greenfield, MO), 4. Dennis Bunger (Harrisonville, MO), 5. Lucas Dobbs (El Dorado Springs, MO), 6. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 7. Dennis Walrath (Clinton, Mo )

Heat 4:1. Matt Dotson (Clark, MO), 2. Paden Phillips (Chanute, KS), 3. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 4. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 5. Travis  Smith (Parsons , ks), 6. Tim Dotson (Sturgeon, MO), 7. Scotty Bough (Nevada, MO), 8. Jason Bodenhamer (Centerview, MO


Bill Roberts Chevrolet- Buick A-Feature:1. Burl Woods (Republic, MO), 2. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO), 3. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 4. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, M0), 5. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 6. Tim Petty (Niangua, MO), 7. Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO), 8. Marc Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 9. Chris Hawkins (Neosho, MO), 10. Randy  Gilmore (Wheatland, ), 11. Jay Prevete (Windsor, MO), 12. Craig Danuser (Montreal, MO), 13. Troy Turley (Knob Noster, MO), 14. Shawn Whitman (Fair Grove, MO), 15. Francisco Escamilla (Brighton, MO), 16. Jonathan Romesburg (Goodman, MO), 17. Alan Ferguson (Adrian, mo), 18. Jeff Pipala (Macks Creek, MO), 19. Donny Tanner (Sedalia , mo), 20. Daniel  Deason (Bolivar, MO), 21. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 22. Dan Corum (Wheatland, MO), 23. Tommy Mosher (Bolivar, MO), 24. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS),

Heat 1:1. Burl Woods (Republic, MO), 2. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, M0), 3. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 4. Francisco Escamilla (Brighton, MO), 5. Jeff Pipala (Macks Creek, MO), 6. Craig Danuser (Montreal, MO), 7. Daniel Deason (Bolivar, MO), 8. Tommy Mosher (Bolivar, MO),

Heat 2:1. Marc Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 2. Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO), 3. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 4. Jay Prevete (Windsor, MO), 5. Troy Turley (Knob Noster, MO), 6. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS), 7. Shawn Whitman (Fair Grove, MO), 8. Donny Tanner (Sedalia , mo),

Heat 3:1. Tim Petty (Niangua, MO), 2. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 3. Chris Hawkins (Neosho, MO), 4. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO), 5. Alan Ferguson (Adrian, mo), 6. Jonathan Romesburg (Goodman, MO), 7. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland, ), 8. Dan Corum (Wheatland, MO),

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