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Wheatland, MO -  KDKD and the Eagle Night at Lucas Oil Speedway attracted 122 of the best cars in the area for Saturday night's action. A pristine racetrack was in perfect racing condition throughout the entire evening. Rain loomed, but mere sprinkles did not slow the action on the Diamond of Dirt tracks. In the Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks an exciting feature ended with Burl Woods (Republic, MO), topping Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO) for the win. The DJ's RV B-Modifieds returned with a stacked field of drivers, Shawn Strong (Billings, MO) took the lead on lap ten and continued out front until the checkers flew. In the ALPS Food ULMA Late Models another large field of 32 cars were in attendance. 2011 ULMA Points Champion, Rylan Long (Greenfield, MO) cruised into Victory Lane after starting 14th. $750 to win by Clearlight Inn in the Pitts Homes USRA A-Modifieds went to Shawn Nations (Macks Creek, MO) after a photo finish with Austin Siebert (Grandview, MO).   

The Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks rolled out for the first feature event of the night. 2011 Lucas Oil Speedway Factory Stock Champion, Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO) started out front. Early in the race Keepper was knocked into a spin, putting him tailback for the restart. Burl Woods (Republic, MO) and Ben Solburg (Springfield, MO) battled for the lead for many laps as Keepper continued to power back through the field and set his sights on the leaders. Woods was smooth out front and pulled away from Solburg. Keepper eventually sailed by Solburg and dialed in on Woods. Woods finished the race out front and took the checkers on lap 20 with Keepper right behind. The fans roared as the laps wound down, this was the first of four extremely intense and exciting feature events of the night. Ben Solburg (Springfield, MO) finished in third. Mark Carter (Warrensburg, MO) crossed the finish line in fourth and Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, M0) rounded out the top five.  

DJ's RV B-Modifieds were next out on the still perfect race track. The racing in the feature was hot from the start. Jeff Miller (Hermitage, MO), was out front early, with a pack behind battling for second position. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), last weeks feature winner, spun on the opening laps and had to restart in the back of the field. Jackson worked his way back through and settled in just outside of the top five. Jackson would continue to challenge but ended his night in seventh. Jeff Miller held onto his lead until the midway point. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO) passed Miller for the lead on lap 10. Behind Strong, Miller and Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), were neck and neck. Campbell took the second spot and began to close the gap on Strong. Campbell was fast but did not pass Strong before he took the checkers. Stephan Mulienburg (Sparta, MO) and Bobby Maggard (Springfield, MO) finished fourth and fifth, respectively.     

Next up, the ALPS Food Stores ULMA Late Models had another strong turnout of ULMA cars. 32 cars were in action vying for a spot in the feature and ULMA Championship Points. On the opening lap a wicked slew of spins, stopped half of the field on the front stretch. A chain reaction event caused everyone to check up and slow. Officials brought out the red flag to sort through the mess. One by one the cars started to roll again and lined up for the restart. Just one lap later, the number 20 of Alan Westling (Fulton, MO) got sideways and clipped a yuke tire, causing him to become airborne and flip several times. A second red flag out with the 20 landing on its roof in the infield. Westling eventually climbed from the wrecked Late Model with assistance from safety crews. Several other cars were badly damaged and had to be towed from the track as a result of this accident. After a wild start to the ALPS Food Stores ULMA Late Model feature, the green flag came out again. Rylan Long (Greenfield, MO) 2011 ULMA Points Champion and 2011 Lucas Oil Speedway Track Champion started the feature in 14th. Long found the high groove on the track and flew by cars one by one. After the two red flags officials enforced a rule to shorten the feature to 15 laps. Phil Edmondson (Marionville, MO) was out front battling with Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO) while Rylan Long was continuing to pick off cars through the field. Jeremy Kelly (Walnut Grove, MO) started 13th and eventually was in the lead pack. With only a few laps to go Rylan Long was able to catch the lead pack and soar around them for the win. Edmondson finished in second, Kennedy third and Kelly in fourth. Lane Ehlert (Forestell, MO) completed the night in fifth.   

After three intense features with fans on their feet for each finish, the Pitts Homes USRA A-Modifieds lined up for $750 to Win presented by Clearlight Inn. Shawn Nations (Macks Creek, MO) started on the pole position with Jason Russel (Henley, MO) starting in second. The two were quick out front for the green flag, Nations kept the advantage running in the lead. Lap after lap Nations and Russell were out front. Just behind an tight field was battling for third position. Austin Siebert (Grandview, MO) started in 8th, had worked his way up to third. Paul Snyder (Wellsville, KS), Jason Pursley (Wheatland, MO) and Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), controlled the top five. Siebert passed Jason Russell, as Nations worked his way through lap traffic. Siebert then began to close in on Nations. Nations held his line and continued to make nearly flawless laps around the 3/8 mile track. With two laps remaining, Siebert was on Nations bumper and let him know he was there. Nations remained in control and took the white flag ahead of Siebert. As the two came out of turn four, Siebert charged for the lead, a drag race down the front stretch ended with Nations edging across the finish line first. A photo finish on lap 25 with roaring crowd was the perfect way to cap off a great night of racing! Siebert was followed by Russell in third. Campbell and Pursley finished fourth and fifth, Paul Synder ended his night in sixth.        

Saturday, May 5th Impact Signs, Awnings and Wraps presents the Open Wheel Showdown featuring, ASCS Warrior Region, POWRi Midgets and the DJ's RV B-Modifieds. Sunset Hills, Missouri's Brad Loyet headlines the field as the 2011 Champion in both of these outstanding racing series.  Randy Martin, Kyle Bellm, Johathan Cornell, and Mark Shirshekan are just a few of the top Winged Sprint Car drivers expected to be in attendance while Brad Kuhn, Austin Brown, Nick Knepper, and Zach Daum headline the list of the Top Open Wheel Midget Drivers in the country expected to be on hand for the only appearance of 2012 by the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series. The Open Wheel DJ's RV B-Mods will also be in action as they gun for a $500 to win top prize. Tickets are $20 for an adult, $15 for a senior age 62 and up, $5 for youth age 6-15, FREE for kids age 5 and under. Gates open at 5 PM, Hot Laps at 7 PM racing at  7:30 PM. Don't miss the first Open Wheel show of the season. For more information call the Track Hotline at (417) 282-5984. Tickets are on sale now, click here to get yours today.  

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Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stock Results 4/28/2012

A-Feature:1. Burl Woods (Republic, MO), 2. Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO), 3. Ben Solberg (Battlefield, MO), 4. Mark Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 5. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, M0), 6. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 7. Brian Eckhoff (Higginsville, MO), 8. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 9. Jay Prevete (Windsor, MO), 10. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO), 11. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland, MO), 12. Michael Plummer (Warsaw, MO), 13. Bradley Gideon (Nixa, MO), 14. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS), 15. Keith Webster (Highlandville, MO), 16. Timothy McMurtry (Warsaw, MO), 17. Michael McGilvray (Wheatland, MO), 18. Tom Maples (Warsaw, Mo), 19. Thomas Curnutt (Macks Creek, MO), 20. Logan Clark (Clinton, MO), 21. Jimmy Hume (Nevada, MO),

Heat 1:1. Ben Solberg (Battlefield, MO), 2. Bradley Gideon (Nixa, MO), 3. Brian Eckhoff (Higginsville, MO), 4. Michael Plummer (Warsaw, MO), 5. Timothy McMurtry (Warsaw, MO), 6. Keith Webster (Highlandville, MO), 7. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, M0),

Heat 2:1. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 2. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 3. Jay Prevete (Windsor, MO), 4. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS), 5. Tom Maples (Warsaw, Mo), 6. Michael McGilvray (Wheatland, MO), 7. Logan Clark (Clinton, MO),

Heat 3: 1. Sundance Keepper (Everton , Mo) 2. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland , Mo) 3. Burl Woods (Republic , MO) 4. Mark Carter (Warrensburg , MO) 5. Johnny Coats (Joplin , MO) 6. Thomas Curnutt (Macks Creek, MO) 7. Jimmy Hume (Nevada, MO)

DJ's RV B-Modified Results 4/28/2012

A-Feature:1. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO), 2. Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), 3. Jeff Miller (Hermitage, MO), 4. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 5. Bobby Maggard (Springfield, MO), 6. Robert Maggard (Republic, MO), 7. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 8. Jerry Brown (Prescott, KS), 9. Jeremy Bennett (Ottawa, KS), 10. Tracy Manning (Wheatland, MO), 11. Jacob Ebert (Oak Grove, MO), 12. Zach Zeugin (Fair Play, MO), 13. Charles Becker, III (Bolivar, MO), 14. Terry Phillips (Nixa, MO), 15. Dakota Maggard (Springfield, MO), 16. John Haslock Jr. (Stockton, MO), 17. Steve Moore (Springfield, MO), 18. Gary Fain (Lone Jack, MO), 19. Richard Brainard (Sedalia, MO), 20. Ken Walker (Springfield, MO), 21. Brandon Maggard (Willard, MO), 22. Scott Chism (Bolivar, MO), 23. Ryan Edde (Urbana, MO), 24. Stacy Hall (Bolivar, MO),

B-Feature:1. Jeremy Bennett (Ottawa, KS), 2. Jerry Brown (Prescott, KS), 3. Terry Phillips (Nixa, MO), 4. Charles Becker, III (Bolivar, MO), 5. Ken Walker (Springfield, MO), 6. Steve Moore (Springfield, MO), 7. Dakota Maggard (Springfield, MO), 8. Gary Fain (Lone Jack, MO), 9. Steve Potter (Tipton, MO), 10. Tony Fincher (Lebanon, MO), 11. Ryan Lewis (Urbana, MO), 12. Ed Adams (Rogers, AK), 13. Rusty Forrest (Ozark, MO),

Heat 1:1. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 2. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO), 3. Zach Zeugin (Fair Play, MO), 4. Stacy Hall (Bolivar, MO), 5. Jerry Brown (Prescott, KS), 6. Ken Walker (Springfield, MO), 7. Steve Moore (Springfield, MO),

Heat 2:1. Bobby Maggard (Springfield, MO), 2. Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), 3. Richard Brainard (Sedalia, MO), 4. Tracy Manning (Wheatland, MO), 5. Terry Phillips (Nixa, MO), 6. Jeremy Bennett (Ottawa, KS), 7. Charles Becker, III (Bolivar, MO),

Heat 3:1. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 2. Robert Maggard (Republic, MO), 3. Jacob Ebert (Oak Grove, MO), 4. Scott Chism (Bolivar, MO), 5. Gary Fain (Lone Jack, MO), 6. Ed Adams (Rogers, AK), 7. Rusty Forrest (Ozark, MO),


Heat 4:1. Jeff Miller (Hermitage, MO), 2. Brandon Maggard (Willard, MO), 3. Ryan Edde (Urbana, MO), 4. John Haslock Jr. (Stockton, MO), 5. Ryan Lewis (Urbana, MO), 6. Tony Fincher (Lebanon, MO), 7. Dakota Maggard (Springfield, MO), 8. Steve Potter (Tipton, MO),

ALPS Food Stores ULMA Late Model Results 4/28/2012

A-Feature:1. Rylan Long (Greenfield, MO), 2. Phil Edmondson (Marionville, Mo), 3. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 4. Jeremy Kelley (Walnut Grove, MO), 5. Lane Ehlert (Forestell, MO), 6. Brett Wood (Warrensburg, Mo), 7. Larry Jones (El Dorado Springs, MO), 8. Brandon Imhoff (Lake Ozark, Mo), 9. Chris Hawkins (Neosho, MO), 10. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 11. R. D. Peterson (Springfield, MO), 12. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 13. Brian Murphy, 14. Joe Walkenhorst (Lee's Summit, MO), 15. Jake Williams (Lockwood, MO), 16. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 17. Jamie Ragland (Lebanon, MO), 18. Kevin Coyne (Kingsville, MO), 19. Alan Westling (Fulton, MO), 20. Bob Test (Jefferson City, MO), 21. Evan Hubert (Cross Timbers, MO), 22. Todd McCoin (Barnett, MO), 23. Trace Westling (Fulton, MO), 24. Ethan Young (Harrisonville, MO),

B-Feature:1. Joe Walkenhorst (Lee's Summit, MO), 2. Trace Westling (Fulton, MO), 3. Chris Hawkins (Neosho, MO), 4. Brandon Imhoff (Lake Ozark, Mo), 5. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 6. Todd McCoin (Barnett, MO), 7. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 8. Jamie Ragland (Lebanon, MO), 9. Mike Berger (Lake Ozark, MO), 10. Gage Wineland, 11. Matthew Brookshire (Newberg, MO), 12. Olen Eckhoff (Sedalia, MO), 13. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO), 14. Walter Imhoff (Jamestown, Mo), 15. Andy Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 16. Nathan Cates (Lawson, MO),

Heat 1:1. Phil Edmondson (Marionville, Mo), 2. Brian Murphy, 3. Alan Westling (Fulton, MO), 4. Jeremy Kelley (Walnut Grove, MO), 5. Joe Walkenhorst (Lee's Summit, MO), 6. Chris Hawkins (Neosho, MO), 7. Olen Eckhoff (Sedalia, MO), 8. Todd McCoin (Barnett, MO),

Heat 2:1. Lane Ehlert (Forestell, MO), 2. Kevin Coyne (Kingsville, MO), 3. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 4. Evan Hubert (Cross Timbers, MO), 5. Trace Westling (Fulton, MO), 6. Matthew Brookshire (Newberg, MO), 7. Mike Berger (Lake Ozark, MO), 8. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO),

Heat 3:1. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 2. Ethan Young (Harrisonville, MO), 3. Larry Jones (El Dorado Springs, MO), 4. Jamie Ragland (Lebanon, MO), 5. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 6. Walter Imhoff (Jamestown, Mo), 7. Gage Wineland, 8. Brandon Imhoff (Lake Ozark, Mo),

Heat 4:1. R. D. Peterson (Springfield, MO), 2. Brett Wood (Warrensburg, Mo), 3. Jake Williams (Lockwood, MO), 4. Rylan Long (Greenfield, MO), 5. Bob Test (Jefferson City, MO), 6. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 7. Andy Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 8. Nathan Cates (Lawson, MO)

Pitts Homes USRA A-Modified Results 4/28/2012

A-Feature:1. Shawn Nations (Macks Creek, MO), 2. Austin Siebert (Grandview, MO), 3. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 4. Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), 5. Jason Pursley (Wheatland, MO), 6. Paul Snyder (Wellsville, Ks), 7. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 8. Terry Schultz (Sedalia, MO), 9. Kaleb Bray (Archie, MO), 10. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 11. Nathan Vaughn (Lincoln, MO), 12. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 13. Jesse Willard (Pleasanton, KS), 14. Jackie Dalton (Carthage, MO), 15. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 16. Danny Scrogham (Peculiar, MO), 17. Robbie Test (Jefferson City, MO), 18. Eddie Bray Jr (Archie, MO), 19. Dave Elson (Springfield, Mo), 20. Steve Twenter (Sedalia, MO), 21. Josh Poe (Drexel, MO), 22. Jordan McCrimmon (Bolivar, MO), 23. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 24. Tim Setzer (Archie, MO),

B-Feature 1:1. Dave Elson (Springfield, Mo), 2. Jesse Willard (Pleasanton, KS), 3. Nathan Vaughn (Lincoln, MO), 4. Steve Twenter (Sedalia, MO), 5. John Fellers (Flemington, MO), 6. Donnie Fellers (Wheatland, MO), 7. Buddy Thompson (Oak Grove, MO), 8. Clay Langley (Stover, MO), 9. James Stafford (Hartsburg, ), 10. Fred Slagle, 11. Brian Green (Pierce City, MO), 12. Kaelie Archer (Bolivar, MO),

B-Feature 2:1. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 2. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 3. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 4. Eddie Bray Jr (Archie, MO), 5. Corey Weir (Nixa, MO), 6. Colson Kirk (Urbana, MO), 7. Jeff Cutshaw (Cross Timbers, MO), 8. Josh Woody (Wayneville, MO), 9. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 10. Tim Bostwick (Urbana, MO), 11. Corkey Waters (Sparta, MO), 12. Brandon Hill (Chilhowee, MO),

Heat 1:1. Paul Snyder (Wellsville, Ks), 2. Dustin Campbell (Nevada, MO), 3. Robbie Test (Jefferson City, MO), 4. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 5. Brandon Hill (Chilhowee, MO), 6. Josh Woody (Wayneville, MO), 7. Donnie Fellers (Wheatland, MO), 8. Jeff Cutshaw (Cross Timbers, MO),

Heat 2:1. Shawn Nations (Macks Creek, MO), 2. Kaleb Bray (Archie, MO), 3. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 4. Danny Scrogham (Peculiar, MO), 5. John Fellers (Flemington, MO), 6. Fred Slagle, 7. Eddie Bray Jr (Archie, MO), 8. Brian Green (Pierce City, MO),

Heat 3:1. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 2. Terry Schultz (Sedalia, MO), 3. Jordan McCrimmon (Bolivar, MO), 4. Stephen Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 5. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 6. Colson Kirk (Urbana, MO), 7. Clay Langley (Stover, MO), 8. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO),

Heat 4:1. Jason Pursley (Wheatland, MO), 2. Tim Setzer (Archie, MO), 3. Josh Poe (Drexel, MO), 4. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 5. Jesse Willard (Pleasanton, KS), 6. Nathan Vaughn (Lincoln, MO), 7. Corey Weir (Nixa, MO), 8. Kaelie Archer (Bolivar, MO),

Heat 5:1. Austin Siebert (Grandview, MO), 2. Jackie Dalton (Carthage, MO), 3. Dave Elson (Springfield, Mo), 4. Steve Twenter (Sedalia, MO), 5. Buddy Thompson (Oak Grove, MO), 6. Tim Bostwick (Urbana, MO), 7. James Stafford (Hartsburg, ), 8. Corkey Waters (Sparta, MO),

Burl Woods in Victory Lane with Frog's Sign Jr. Fan Club Member of the Race

DJ's RV B-Modified Action

Rylan Long in Victory Lane

Nations and Siebert take the Checkers

Shawn Nations in Victory Lane

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