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Wheatland, MO - Saturday, Lucas Oil Speedway put the wraps on the 2011 race season with the annual banquet. With nearly 200 in attendance, each driver in the top ten in each weekly championship class was recognized. Along with towering trophies, a host of contingency awards were given to each driver. Thank you to all Lucas Oil Speedway supporters who donated items for driver and fan prizes. Drivers, crews, staff and fans mingled together and enjoyed watching a year in review video as well as a special video for each champion by track videographer, Robert Claunch.   

Rylan Long, 2011 TNT Quick Shop Late Model Champion gave a short speech thanking his sponsors, family and the fans for support throughout his racing career. "Can't get much more than racing at Lucas Oil Speedway every week with your family, go there, come home with your car in one piece, can't ask for much more than that," commented Long. Rylan received champion point fund pay, a large trophy along with multiple contingency awards, for his hard work and dedication.  

Mickey Burrell, 2011 Pitts Homes A-Modified Champion commented during his speech, "I really enjoyed racing with everybody in the modified's." Mickey thanked his crew especially his dad and mom for their help each race. Burrell also recieved champions point fund pay, a large trohphy and multiple contingency awards, Saturday night.   

Sundance Keepper won 28 features at tracks all over the area in 2011. Keepper is the 2011 Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stock Champion. "Never really raced the track consistently, never really had a part in points. Decided to give it a try, it was worth it and I might do it again next year," Keepper said. Along with a check, trophy and contingencies Sundance was awarded a $2500 Check from Allen Autosports towards a new chassis for 2012.  

All drivers in the top ten of each class received, 2 bottles of Lucas Oil Slick Mist, 1 case of SAE 20W 50 Racing Oil, 1 free Family Pass to any regular event in 2012, $50 TA/Petro Stopping Centers Restaurant gift certificate, Rod End Supply gift certificate, GRT Parts certificate, a trophy, point fund pay and many other individual awards.      

TNT Quick Shop Late Models

1. Rylan Long Greenfield, MOTNT Quick Shop Logo

2. Tommy Cordray Browning, MO

3. Chris Hawkins Neosho, MO

4. Larry Jones El Dorado Springs, MO

5. Andy Kennedy Wheatland, MO

6. Christopher Morelock Springfield, MO

7. Harlen Kennedy Wheatland, MO

8. Ezekiel Langley Ashland, MO

9. Chris Cox Jefferson City, MO

10. R.D. Peterson Springfield, MO

Pitts Homes A-Modifieds

1. Mickey Burrell Fair Grove, MOPitt's Homes Modified Logo

2. Lyle Dietrich Urbana, MO

3. Chase Jones El Dorado Springs, MO

4. John Fellers Flemington, MO

5. Josh Woody Waynesville, MO

6. Terry Kirk Urbana, MO

6. Tie- Jordan McCrimmon Bolivar, MO

8. Colson Kirk Urbana, MO

9. Paul Snyder Wellsville, KS

10. Kaelie Archer Bolivar, MO  

Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks 

1. Sundance Keepper Everton, MO 2. James Flood Billings, MO 3. Chip Shaddox Wheatland, MO 4. Troy Reasoner Jr. Urich, MOhttp://www.getthegoodstuff.net/
5. Mark Carter Warrensburg, MO
6. Mike Bitner Frontenac, KS
7. Randy Gilmore Wheatland, MO
8. Keith Webster Highlandville, MO
9. Steve Morton Clever, MO
10. Burl Woods Republic, MO 

2011 Lucas Oil Track Champions, Rylan Long, Sundance Keepper, Mickey Burrell and General Manager Dan Robinson

Photos Courtesy of CB Race Photos

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