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Wheatland, MO - A & G Electric Night at Lucas Oil Speedway was packed with close racing action and even a last lap pass for the win in the ULMA Late Models.  Jason Bodenhamer did not fair well in the A-Modified class but pulled double duty and made a last lap pass on Larry Jones to win the feature event. In the Pitts Homes A-Modifieds Terry Schultz from Sedalia, MO took the checkers first and Sundance Keepper led the Caron's Corner Napa Factory Stocks in the 6 7/8. The Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers made their third and last appearance at Lucas Oil Speedway for the 2011 season with Jack Simmons taking the win.   

Saturday night The Frog's Sign Jr. Fan Club gave away bright green member t-shirts and other JFC items. Next Saturday the Jr. Fan Club will have Superhero night. The Pomme Run and the American Iron Car Club's brought a beautiful display of classic and collector cars, Saturday night for fans to enjoy.    

Sundance Keepper of Everton, MO started the Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks feature from the pole position, and faced little opposition for the entire 20 laps. Keepper's run on Saturday vaulted him over James Flood from Billings, MO  for the points lead. Two points races remain for the Rockstar Energy Drink Weekly Championship Series, including Saturday August 27th which is double points night. Flood started third for the feature but luck was not on his side as he recorded a DNF for the night. Flood is now 21 points out of the lead.  Dave Hendrix from Laquey, MO edged out Chip Shaddox in the #1 for second. Shaddox is firmly third in the points battle. Troy Reasoner Jr. from Urich, MO finished in the fourth position with Marc Carter in fifth.  

The Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers made their third appearance at Lucas Oil Speedway in 2011. Jack Simmons, who is no stranger to Victory Lane, took the checkers once again. Before Saturday night's race Jack and Zac Simmons were tied for the points lead. For complete race results and other information www.movr.us .    

In the Pitts Homes A-Modifieds a field of 26 cars started the feature event. Steve Martin from Ozark, MO won his heat and started the feature from the pole position, Terry Schultz in second. Schultz would waste little time before taking over the lead and staying out front. Schultz was challenged on several restarts following race cautions, but held the top spot. Jason Russell from Henley, MO in the 2J would make valiant effort to catch Schultz and created an exciting battle up front. Jamie Ragland from Lebanon, MO was also a top contender finishing the race in third. Ragland was followed by Mickey Burrell from Fair Grove, MO in his TRE by Bone. Martin fell to a fifth place finish at the checkers.  

In one of the most exciting finishes of the season in the TNT Quick Shop ULMA Late Models, Jason Bodenhamer edged by Larry Jones for the win. Bodehamer also ran his A-Modified, and ended up on top of a yuke tire. His luck greatly improved between features as he took his third place starting position and exchanged it for a photo finish. Rylan Long started the feature back in the 15 spot and worked his way through the field lap by lap for a top three finish. Bob Test from Jefferson City, MO started and finished in fourth with Marionville, Missouri's Phil Edmondson in fifth.  Rylan Long remains at a comfortable lead in the ULMA points standings. Tommy Cordray finished 10th and is 85 points behind Long in second. Chris Hawkins started Saturday's feature on the pole and fell to a sixth place finish. Hawkins of Neosho, MO is third in current points standings. Larry Jones is fourth in points with local Wheatland, MO driver Andy Kennedy fifth in the Rockstar Energy Drink Weekly Championship Series. 

TNT Quick Shop ULMA Latemodels 8/20/2011

A-Feature:1. Jason Bodenhamer, 2. Larry Jones (El Dorado Springs, MO), 3. Rylan Long (Greenfield, MO), 4. Bob Test (Jefferson City, MO), 5. Phil Edmondson (Marionville, Mo), 6. Chris Hawkins (Neosho, MO), 7. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 8. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 9. R.D. Peterson (Springfield, MO), 10. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 11. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 12. Andy Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 13. Brian Murphy, 14. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO), 15. Mark Penticuff (Springfield, MO), 16. Alan Westling (Fulton, MO), 17. Trace Westling (Fulton, MO), 18. Gerald Gann, 19. Gage Wineland, 20. Steven Clancy (Odessa, MO),

Heat 1:1. Chris Hawkins (Neosho, MO), 2. Larry Jones (El Dorado Springs, MO), 3. Trace Westling (Fulton, MO), 4. Andy Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 5. Gerald Gann, 6. Mark Penticuff (Springfield, MO), 7. Gage Wineland,

Heat 2:1. Jason Bodenhamer, 2. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO), 3. Phil Edmondson (Marionville, Mo), 4. Steven Clancy (Odessa, MO), 5. Rylan Long (Greenfield, MO), 6. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 7. Alan Westling (Fulton, MO),

Heat 3:1. Bob Test (Jefferson City, MO), 2. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 3. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 4. R.D. Peterson (Springfield, MO), 5. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 6. Brian Murphy

Pitts Homes A-Modified 8/20/2011

A-Feature:1. Terry Schultz (Sedalia, MO), 2. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 3. Jamie Ragland (Lebanon, MO), 4. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 5. Steven Martin (Ozark, MO), 6. Rustin Miller (Houston, MO), 7. Colson Kirk (Urbana, MO), 8. Lyle Dietrich (Urbana, MO), 9. John Fellers (Flemington, MO), 10. Terry Kirk, 11. Josh Woody (Wayneville, MO), 12. Earl Roark, 13. Kaelie Archer (Bolivar, MO), 14. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 15. Ralph King (Marshall, MO), 16. Johnny Fennewald (Appleton City, Mo), 17. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 18. Shawn Nations (Macks Creek, MO), 19. Josh Poe (Drexel, MO), 20. Clinton Gann (Camdenton, MO), 21. Stephen Muilenburg, 22. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 23. Jason Bodenhamer (Centerview, MO), 24. Jordan McCrimmon (Bolivar, MO), 25. Donnie Fellers (Wheatland, MO), 26. Tracy Wolf (Buffalo, Mo),

Heat 1:1. Steven Martin (Ozark, MO), 2. Johnny Fennewald (Appleton City, Mo), 3. Jason Bodenhamer (Centerview, MO), 4. Chase Jones (Eldorado Springs, MO), 5. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 6. John Fellers (Flemington, MO), 7. Lyle Dietrich (Urbana, MO), 8. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 9. Ralph King (Marshall, MO),

Heat 2:1. Jamie Ragland (Lebanon, MO), 2. Terry Schultz (Sedalia, MO), 3. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 4. Terry Kirk, 5. Colson Kirk (Urbana, MO), 6. Earl Roark, 7. Kaelie Archer (Bolivar, MO), 8. Clinton Gann (Camdenton, MO), 9. Rustin Miller (Houston, MO),

Heat 3:1. Jason Russell (Henley, MO), 2. Donnie Fellers (Wheatland, MO), 3. Shawn Nations (Macks Creek, MO), 4. Jordan McCrimmon (Bolivar, MO), 5. Stephen Muilenburg, 6. Josh Woody (Wayneville, MO), 7. Josh Poe (Drexel, MO), 8. Tracy Wolf (Buffalo, Mo),

Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stock 8/20/2011

A-Feature:1. Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO), 2. David Hendrix (Laquey, MO), 3. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 4. Troy Reasoner Jr (Urich, MO), 5. Mark Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 6. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 7. Steve Morton (Clever, MO), 8. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland, MO), 9. Craig Danuser (Montreal, MO), 10. Brian Eckhoff (Higginsville, MO), 11. Jeff Pipala, 12. Timothy McMurtry (Warsaw, MO), 13. James Flood (Billings, Mo), 14. Michael McGilvray (Wheatland, MO), 15. Bradley Gideon (Nixa, MO), 16. Logan Clark (Clinton, MO), 17. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS),

Heat 1:1. Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO), 2. Mark Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 3. David Hendrix (Laquey, MO), 4. Brian Eckhoff (Higginsville, MO), 5. Timothy McMurtry (Warsaw, MO), 6. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland, MO), 7. Craig Danuser (Montreal, MO), 8. Jeff Pipala, 9. Logan Clark (Clinton, MO),

Heat 2:1. James Flood (Billings, Mo), 2. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 3. Steve Morton (Clever, MO), 4. Troy Reasoner Jr (Urich, MO), 5. Bradley Gideon (Nixa, MO), 6. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 7. Michael McGilvray (Wheatland, MO), 8. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS),


For complete results and updated Lucas Oil Speedway points standings, please visitwww.LucasOilSpeedway.com .

Midwest LOW-E Insulation presents Fan Appreciation Night with the TNT Quick Shop Late Models, the Pitt's Homes A-Modifieds, and the Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks as they battle for the 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink Weekly Championship Series. Saturday August 27, 2011 will also be double points night.

The first 1000 fans will receive a FREE Mylar Shopping Tote courtesy of Midwest LOW-E Insulation. A driver autograph session will take place prior to the race from 5:30 - 6:15 Hot Dogs will but just $1 and Track Treasures will have all merchandise for an additional 10% off! It will also be Jr. Fan Club Superhero night with prizes awarded to the best Superhero costumes.

Gates open at 5:00, Hot Laps at 7:00, and racing at 7:30.
Adults (16 and up) $12
Seniors (62 and up) $8 Rockstar Weekly
Youth (6-15) $5
Kids (5 and under) FREE
Family Pass $25 
Pit Pass $25

Bodenhamer makes last lap pass for the win!
bodee victory lane
Jason Bodenhamer in Victory Lane
Schultz in Pitts Homes A Modified Victory Lane
Midwest Outlaw Vintage racing action
Jack Simmons in Victory Lane 
keepper victory
Sundance Keepper in Victory Lane

Photos Courtesy of CB Race Photos

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