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With Mother Nature once again threatening on a warm muggy night in Wheatland, Missouri, it was Rocklin, California's Robert Ballou scoring the Lucas Oil Sprint Bandits Tour N' Topless win on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway after waging a torrid battle throughout the Main Event with Broken Arrow, Oklahoma's Brady Bacon. Bacon would come up just short at the stripe settling for the runner up finish. Browning, Missouri's Tommy Cordray worked traffic to perfection to take the win in the TNT Quick Shop Late Model Feature while Republic, Missouri's Burl Woods won for the second straight week in the Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks.

Ballou put on a show in the Main Event thrashing his way around the high side of the "Diamond of Dirt Tracks" with Brady Bacon working down low with a series of slide jobs ultimately pulling along side of Ballou with just  a couple laps to go. Ballou was not to be denied however as he made it a clean sweep of the weekend's action after also winning at Creek County Speedway on Friday night. Bacon took home the second spot with Gary Taylor finishing in third. Arizona native Casey Shuman locked up the fourth spot at the finish with Patrick Stasa rounding out the Top 5. Please visitwww.sprintbandits.comfor updated points standings and the remainder of the 2010 Lucas Oil Sprint Bandits Tour N' Topless schedule.

Tommy Cordray, the 2009 Lucas Oil Speedway Track Champion worked his way from his 8th starting spot to take the win in the TNT Quick Shop ULMA Late Model Feature. Polesitter, Jeremy Kelley led the majority of the feature event only to surrender the lead to Cordray late and settle for second. Centerview, Missouri's Jason Bodenhamer started third and finished second while Warrensburg, Missouri's Brett Wood crossed the AAA Start/Finish Line in fourth. Moberly, Missouri veteran Danny Lorton came home in fifth.

Burl Woods driving the red #26 withstood repeated challenges from Neosho, Missouri's Chris Hawkins to pull out the win in the Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks. Hawkins followed Woods across the stripe to finish second while Hermitage, Missouri's Chris Tonoli drove his classic Chevelle bodied machine to a stellar third place finish. Urich, Missouri's Troy Reasoner Jr. had another solid run to finish fourth while Wheatland's Randy Gilmore rounded out the Top-5 and assumed the points lead by just 8 points over Woods.

Complete and updated points standings can be found

The Lucas Oil Speedway will be back in action next Saturday, June 26th as Casey's General Stores Presents the Rockstar Energy Drink Weekly Championship Series featuring the TNT Quick Shop Late Models, Pitt's Homes A-Modifieds, and the Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stocks. Gates will open at 5:00 with Hot Laps set to get underway at 7:00pm and a new summer starting time of 7:30pm. A special "Thursday Night Thunder Edition" of the Rockstar Energy Drink Weekly Championship Series has also been added to the Lucas Oil Speedway Schedule on July 1st, 2010. complete details!

Lucas Oil Sprint Bandits Tour N' Topless Results June 19th, 2010
"A" Feature (30 Laps): 1. 81-Robert Ballou, 2. 99-Brady Bacon, 3. 2-Gary Taylor, 4. 4g-Casey Shuman, 5. 19-Patrick Stasa, 6. 16-Anthony Nicholson, 7. 18-Mike Hess, 8. 50off-Travis Rilat, 9. 5-Justin Grant, 10. 14k-Kyle Bellm, 11. 98-J.C. Bland, 12. 88-Chad Tye, 13. 15-Jeff Wingate, 14. 91-Jeff Stasa, 15. 19s-Steven Cross, 16. 90-Patrick Budde, 17. 04-Brad Graham, 18. 77-Rob Hockett, 19. 23-Mitch Wissmiller, 20. 21-Chad Meinholdt, 21. 1a-Adam Jones, 22. 12-Andy Helm, 23. 1p-Curtis Evans. DNS: 35-Matt Sherrell.

Heat One (8 Laps): 1. 4g-Casey Shuman, 2. 19-Patrick Stasa, 3. 16-Anthony Nicholson, 4. 14k-Kyle Bellm, 5. 91-Jeff Stasa, 6. 1a-Adam Jones, 7. 21-Chad Meinholdt. DNS: 18-Mike Hess.
Heat Two (8 Laps): 1. 99-Brady Bacon, 2. 81-Robert Ballou, 3. 50off-Travis Rilat, 4. 90-Patrick Budde, 5. 04-Brad Graham, 6. 77-Rob Hockett, 7. 1p-Curtis Evans. DNS: 12-Andy Helm.
Heat Three (8 Laps): 1. 2-Gary Taylor, 2. 5-Justin Grant, 3. 98-J.C. Bland, 4. 19s-Steven Cross, 5. 88-Chad Tye, 6. 15-Jeff Wingate, 7. 35-Matt Sherrell, 8. 23-Mitch Wissmiller.

Qualifier One (8 Laps): 1. 4g-Casey Shuman, 2. 19-Patrick Stasa, 3. 2-Gary Taylor, 4. 23-Mitch Wissmiller, 5. 77-Rob Hockett, 6. 19s-Steven Cross, 7. 90-Patrick Budde. DNS: 35-Matt Sherrell.
Qualifier Two (8 Laps): 1. 81-Robert Ballou, 2. 50off-Travis Rilat, 3. 16-Anthony Nicholson, 4. 1a-Adam Jones, 5. 98-J.C. Bland, 6. 04-Brad Graham. DNS: 21-Chad Meinholdt, 18-Mike Hess.
Qualifier Three (8 Laps): 1. 5-Justin Grant, 2. 99-Brady Bacon, 3. 14k-Kyle Bellm, 4. 15-Jeff Wingate, 5. 91-Jeff Stasa, 6. 88-Chad Tye. DNS: 1p-Curtis Evans, 12-Andy Helm.

TNT Quick Shop ULMA Late Model Results 6/19/2010
A-Feature:1. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 2. Jeremy Kelley (Walnut Grove, MO), 3. Jason Bodenhamer, 4. Brett Wood (Warrensburg, Mo), 5. Danny Lorton (Moberly, Mo), 6. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 7. Joe Walkenhorst (Lee's Summit, MO), 8. Andy Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 9. Ben Solberg (Springfield, MO), 10. R Peterson (Springfield, MO), 11. Daniel Jessen (Neosho, MO), 12. Steve Beach (Eldon, MO), 13. James Stafford (Hartsburg, MO), 14. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 15. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO), 16. Brandon Imhoff (Lake Ozark, Mo), 17. Corey Nelson (Eugene, MO), 18. Dustin Walker (Belton, MO), 19. Jon Driskill (Joplin, MO), 20. Tracey Westling (Foulton, MO), 21. Kevin Coyne (Kingsville, MO), 22. Bob Test (Jefferson City, Mo), 23. Walter Imhoff (Jamestown, Mo), 24. Kurt Sledd (Edwards, MO), 25. Mike Montague (Lebanon, MO), 26. Danny Monroe (Jamestown, Mo), 27. J.D. Kelley (Walnut Grove, MO),
Heat 1:1. Jeremy Kelley (Walnut Grove, MO), 2. Jason Bodenhamer, 3. Brandon Imhoff (Lake Ozark, Mo), 4. Steve Beach (Eldon, MO), 5. Corey Nelson (Eugene, MO), 6. R Peterson (Springfield, MO), 7. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 8. Dustin Walker (Belton, MO), 9. Daniel Jessen (Neosho, MO)
Heat 2:1. Bob Test (Jefferson City, Mo), 2. Harlen Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 3. Mike Montague (Lebanon, MO), 4. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 5. Walter Imhoff (Jamestown, Mo), 6. Ezekiel Langley (Ashland, MO), 7. Ben Solberg (Springfield, MO), 8. James Stafford (Hartsburg, MO), 9. Jon Driskill (Joplin, MO)
Heat 3:1. Danny Lorton (Moberly, Mo), 2. Brett Wood (Warrensburg, Mo), 3. Andy Kennedy (Wheatland, MO), 4. Joe Walkenhorst (Lee's Summit, MO), 5. Kevin Coyne (Kingsville, MO), 6. Danny Monroe (Jamestown, Mo), 7. Tracey Westling (Foulton, MO), 8. Kurt Sledd (Edwards, MO), 9. J.D. Kelley (Walnut Grove, MO)
Carson's Corner Napa Factory Stock Results 6/19/2010
A-Feature:1. Burl Woods (Republic, MO), 2. Chris Hawkins (Neosha, MO), 3. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 4. Troy Reasoner Jr (Urich, MO), 5. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland, MO), 6. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS), 7. Brian Eckhoff (Higginsville, MO), 8. Keith Webster (Highlandville, MO), 9. Josh Franklin (Macks Creek, MO), 10. Steve Morton (Clever, MO), 11. Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO), 12. Thomas Maples (Warsaw, Mo), 13. Ken Hicks (Cross Timbers, MO), 14. Timothy McMurtry (Warsaw, MO), 15. Patrick West (Ozark, MO), 16. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO)
Heat 1:1. Chris Hawkins (Neosha, MO), 2. Burl Woods (Republic, MO), 3. Keith Webster (Highlandville, MO), 4. Timothy McMurtry (Warsaw, MO), 5. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 6. Randy Gilmore (Wheatland, MO), 7. Steve Morton (Clever, MO), 8. Patrick West (Ozark, MO)
Heat 2:1. Ken Hicks (Cross Timbers, MO), 2. Chip Shaddox (Wheatland, MO), 3. Troy Reasoner Jr (Urich, MO), 4. Josh Franklin (Macks Creek, MO), 5. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, KS), 6. Brian Eckhoff (Higginsville, MO), 7. Thomas Maples (Warsaw, Mo), 8. Sundance Keepper (Everton, MO)

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