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Officials with Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement with the ULMA (United Late Model Association) to sanction Weekly Late Model Racing once again at Lucas Oil Speedway in 2010 for the 4th consecutive season. ULMA recently announced the first major overhaul of their rules package since their inception, which not only allows the ULMA Steel Engines but it also has provisions for both the 602 and 604 Crate Engines and for the first time Show-Me/IMCA type engine packages will be added to the ULMA banner at all of their weekly sanctioned tracks. "We put several options on the table and we really think that the ULMA rules package will be the best option for us at this time as not only do we get a standard Late Model rule package at multiple area tracks but we get an organization that is passionate about keeping weekly Late Model Racing strong and is not afraid to enforce the rules."

The previous weight rule for ULMA cars was 2,450 pounds with car and driver after the race. The new weight rule is 2,350 pounds with car and driver for the ULMA Steel Engine, the GM 604 CRATE engine, and the Show-Me/IMCA type engine package; there are exceptions to this rule for competitors utilizing the 602 CRATE engine, these cars with driver must weigh 2,200 pounds. The weight of the car is not the only significant rules change for the coming season, as stated previously a third engine option has been added as the Show-Me™ or I.M.C.A.™ type spec motor will be allowed to race under the ULMA banner for the first time while being required to conform to ULMA body rules. For drivers utilizing the spec motor, a total of fifty pounds of weight must be added twelve inches on center in front of the engine plate; this specifically involves adding twenty-five pounds of weight on each upper frame tube.  These cars will weigh 2,350 pounds.  The tire rule for 2010 includes the Hoosier™ D-55 WRS-2 Spec Tire, or Hoosier™ D-55 WRS. The complete 2010 ULMA rules are available at www.ULMAracing.com. In 2009, the Show-Me type cars were allowed to run at Lucas Oil Speedway with the ULMA cars under Show-me Series rules but with the Open Carburetor allowed this year by the Show-Me Series, all cars will run under the complete ULMA rule package at Lucas Oil Speedway. ULMA and Lucas Oil Speedway Officials will be on hand at the 12th Annual Bodee's Racer's Auction and Trade Show on January 30th-31st in Sedalia, Missouri to field questions and assist drivers in completing membership forms.

In addition to announcing the affiliation with ULMA, Lucas Oil Speedway is proud to announce an increase in the Transport Graphics Late Model weekly purse by almost $1,400 setting up a $700 to win, $100 to start weekly Late Model program for 2010. The complete payout schedule will be posted shortly at www.LucasOilSpeedway.com. The end of Season Championship points fund also increases to a minimum of $2,000 to win the Season Championship in 2010 as full details will be released shortly. Not only will the Weekly Late Model races pay more in 2010 but fans will see more of them as the Speedway recently added three additional races with the Late Models bringing the total ULMA races to 15. "ULMA counts the top 15 finishes for the end of season points so this was a critical step to help the ULMA drivers that run at Lucas Oil Speedway compete for the ULMA Championship." stated Track GM Dan Robinson. Two of the added races are in conjunction with Special events as ULMA Late Models will race in support of the Lucas Oil ASCS Midwest Region Sprint Car race on May 1st and will also get a second shot with the Lucas Oil Sprint Bandits on June 19th.

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