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whats stronger 5mg oxycodone or 10mg hydrocodone The 2009 Countdown to the Crown Weekly Series is in the books for the Lucas Oil Speedway. With that being said I want to thank our three great sponsors, Transport Graphics, Pitt’s Homes and Slick Mist.

Lets start with Factory Stocks this week as they were running for double money thanks to Grellner Distributing and Miller Lite. When the checkered flag fell it was Ben Solberg with his third win of 2009. Sundance Keeper finished second and James Flood joined them “up the hill” in third.

Burl Woods gets the hard charger award on the night. He began the race on the front row but before we could get a lap in Woods was in the hot pit. He returned to officially start the race in the rear and charged through the field for a fourth place finish.

Chris Darnell rounded out the top five followed by Kenny Carroll, Troy Reasoner, Jr., Damon Tillman, Keith Webster and Doug Rich taking us through the first 10.

Now for the points Chase! It was one of the closest point finishes in the history of the Lucas Oil Speedway with Kenny Carrol taking the honor. By a mere point over James Flood, Carrol is the 2009 Transport Graphics Factory Stock Champion.

Just to clarify for folks at home with calculators buzzing checking the math, Saturday night was a special race for the Factory Stocks with special points accounting in place. Out of concern that the Miller Lite Double Money Race might attract a few new Factory Stocks chasing money, we agreed with the drivers to put in special rules for points on the night.

With out affecting the race line up etc, it was agreed we would race the event as normal, but only count points for the top 10 weekly drivers. With the points race so tight in more places then just the top, this would insure that our top 10 in points decide the championship among themselves and a new car there just for one night would not effect the outcome of entire season of racing.

For just Saturday night and for just the Factory Stocks, the top 10 in points as they entered the event received top 10 finishing points regardless of where they officially finished the race.
James Flood picked up two points on Carrol by virtue of him winning his heat and Carrol finishing third in his respective heat race. As they rolled out for the feature there was only 5 points separating the two. With two points separating every finishing position Flood has to finish three places ahead of Carrol to win the Championship by one point.

That is exactly what Flood did, however Burl Woods who charged from the back to finish between the two of them was not in our top 10 in points going in to the race so his finish did not officially apply to the in the points chase. This moved Carrol up two points and secured the Championship by a single point.

Congratulations to Kenny Carrol and James Flood on a phenomenal season. These guys along with all the other Transport Graphic Factory Stocks have given the fans a year of racing they will not soon forget. Thanks guys.

(1) Ben Solberg (2) Sundance Keeper (3) James Flood (4) Burl Woods (5) Chris Darnell (6) Kenny Carroll (7) Troy Reasoner Jr (8th) Damon Tillman (9) Keith Webster (10) Doug Rich (11) John Darnell (12) Brian Webster (13) Allen Thompson (14) Chip Shaddox (15) Brian Thompson (16) Timothy Mcmurtry (17) Brent Bartgis (18) Bradley Gideon (19) Dylan Keeper (20) Randy Gilmore (21) Mike Bitner

Things were much more “cut and dried” in the Slick Mist Late Models as Mike Harris made his first trip to the Lucas Oil Speedway Winner’s Circle. For Harris it is first win after severe injuries a couple a years ago in a racing incident. Tommy Cordray and Kevin Kaiser joined him in the Winner’s circle respectively finishing second and third on the night.

For Cordray it is the end of a rather amazing season as last week during our double points night, he took the points lead for the first time this season. Kevin Kaiser experienced engine failure that night in the heat and the double points put him in double jeopardy dropping him to second in points.

It looked like things would get even worse for the former late model class champ until Gary Hubert stepped up an offered him a motor to finish the season on the track. It was a very giving gesture to a very deserving Kaiser who himself has been giving all season to the American Cancer Society from his winnings.

Unfortunately for Kaiser he was not able to make up the points in the chase and will finish second this season to the Slick Mist Class Champion, Tommy Cordray.

Back to the race! Andy Kennedy come home fourth and John Fellers rounded out the top five. Harlen Kennedy, Daniel Eckhoff, John Farmer, Rylan Long and Daniel Jessen take us through 10th.

Well it took a bit to get this one underway but after we did, it turned into one of their normal awesome shows. Steve Martin was our class champ before he unloaded the car on the night and capped the season off with a win as well. Gary Clark came home second and Shawn Nations joined the two in the Winner’s Circle with a third place finish.

Martin had his hand full early with Tony Jackson Jr. who fought his way by for lead. It looked as though Jackson might be headed up the hill until a late race spin. Jackson lost control and collected several cars including Team mate Kris Jackson.

Hard charger on the night with out a doubt goes to young gun Jon Sheets. Sheets raced his way in from a “B” Feature, started 18th and charged to a 4th place finish. Jason Pursley rounded out the top 5 and secured a second place finish in the points chase.

Johnny Fennewald, Cody Elnicki, Nathan Vaughn, Doug Crider and Daulton Greven rounded out the top 10. Greven also raced his way in through a “B” Feature and finished 10th from a 17th place start.

(1) Steven Martin (2) Gary Clark (3) Shawn Nations (4) Jon Sheets (5) Jason Pursley (6) Johnny Fennewald (7) Cody Elnicki (8th) Nathan Vaughn (9) Doug Crider (10) Daulton Greven (11) Colson Kirk (12) Tony Jackson Jr. (13) Kris Jackson (14) Donnie Fellers (15) James Reid (16) Bob Kerbs (17) Tracy Wolf (18) Darryl Turner (19) Scotty Bough (20) Jason Meadors (21) Josh Poe (22) Terry Kirk (23) Rusty Dukes (24) Kelby Taylor

Finally, and what everyone has been waiting for, the official results from our Official’s Race. Saturday night during intermission, our Flag Man Doug Sizm, Track Official Bryon Butler, Track Prep man Larry Lightfoot, Track Security Erik Cooley, and Track Announcer Kevin Fletcher took the track to see if they could get it done on the other side of the fence.

Sizm did get it done as he lapped the field in his personal Factory Stock. Butler looked to be strong early in his Lucas Oil Speedway Packing car. However, after making thousands of laps packing the track over the past couple of seasons, it sheered all five wheel studs on the left front on lap two.

That left second place up for grabs and Larry Lightfoot, also of Hermitage Lumber, stepped up to take it in the second Lucas Oil Speedway packing car. Eric Cooley finally worked his way around Kevin Fletcher and came home third. Cooley was in Mike Crocker’s number 6 Camaro Factory Stock, not sure if he did it justice, but at least he didn’t finish last.

Kevin Fletcher was in the Lucas Oil Speedway 1956 Chevy and to his credit, may not have had the equipment to be competitive. The old ’56 has not seen much action this season but it did have a special set of “Matched Tires” much like the one from the movie Days of Thunder. In fact, they were nearly exactly like them as the outside tires were grooved for dirt racing but the insides were straight asphalt take offs.

Fletcher came home dead last but said he still had a blast after not being behind the wheel in over a decade. FYI, I think “Colt” could have made it work!


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