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Crazy night for the Pitt’s Homes “A” Modifieds, but it happens some times. After 30 minutes trying, we finally put lap number one in the book. However, when it was all said and done, as they say, we had some great racing between the cautions.

Steve Martin found his way back to the winner’s circle as he takes the win. Martin has been there several times this season with multiple wins and top 3 finishes and maintains the points lead. Rusty Dukes joined Martin, as well as, first time top-three finisher, Kelby Taylor.

The seventeen-year-old Taylor has threatened a few times this season but Saturday night logged his first top 3 of year and first trip to the Lucas Oil Speedway Winner’s Circle. Jason Pursley and Kris Jackson both survived the night rounding out the top 5 respectively.

Jackson shares the hard charger award tonight with 6th place finisher Marvin Forrest from Shell Knob. Jackson started 14th and Forrest two places back in 16th. Donnie Fellers came home 7th, Tracy Wolf 8th, Cody Elnicki, 9th and Scotty Bough finished 10th.

Official Finish
(1) Steven Martin (2) Rusty Dukes (3) Kelby Taylor (4) Jason Pursley (5) Kris Jackson (6) Marvin Forrest (7) Donnie Fellers (8) Tracy Wolf (9) Cody Elnicki (10) Scotty Bough (11) Terry Kirk (12) Jeff Cutshaw (13) Brian Green (14) Daulton Greven (15) Tony Fatino (16) Jon Sheets (17) Chase Jones (18) Colson Kirk (19) Corey Weir (20) Brian Bolin (21) Doug Crider (22) Jim Cihy (23) Gary Clark (24) Nathan Vaughn (25) Tom Campbell

Kenny Carroll takes the win on what was another uncharacteristically bazaar night in the Factory Stock Class. Burl Woods and James Flood both joined Carroll in the winner’s circle respectively. With the win, Carroll moves up to just 4 points behind class leader Flood, that is basically just two finishing spots the next time the Factory Stocks take to the track.

2007 class champion Keith Webster was 4th and “Big” Al Thompson came home with his first top five finish of the season. Chris Tononli finished 6th followed by Chip Shaddox, Mike Bitner, Timothy McMurtry and Josh Dugan rounding out the top 10.

Ben Solberg won the last Factory Stock race but got tangled with Chris Darnell as Darnell was trying to fight his way back to front from a 15th place start. There were several racers that claimed to have “Darnell” stripes on their car after the race. However, track officials, whom have been stellar this season in making good calls on rough driving, agreed, it was just good hard racing.

Official Finish
(1) Kenny Carroll (2) Burl Woods (3) James Flood (4) Keith Webster (5) Allen Thompson (6) Chris Tonoli (7) Chip Shaddox (8) Mike Bitner (9) Timothy Mcmurtry (10) Josh Dugan (11) John Darnell (12) Ben Solberg (13) Chris Darnell (14) Randy Gilmore (15) Eddie Barnes (16) Bradley Gideon

Now the best for last, and feel free to highjack this thread on HIS account. How about Rex Merritt getting his first Late Model win of 2009 right here at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks. Merritt started sixth, fought his way to the front and held off a hard charging Kevin Kaiser who was also looking for his first win of the season.

Matt Menzie finished third returning to the winner’s circle after winning the last Slick Mist Late Model outing on July 11th. William McMurtrie and Tommy Cordray rounded out the top five on the night.

Shawn Rayfield, Christopher Morelock, William McMurtrie, and Kathy Tonoli take us through the first nine spots. Toby Ott not only rounds out the top 10 but also takes home the hard charger award after a 17th place start.

J.D. Hubert was hoping to make up a few points in the chase tonight but lost a game of “dodge the big white Ute tire” in his heat race. A fellow competitor made contact with the tire just ahead of Hubert knocking it out into traffic. During the driver introduction before the feature Hubert joked that maybe we should looking at putting some really nice 14 inch car tires out there instead.

Speaking of points Hubert stays third, Menzie is 2nd and Kaiser maintains the lead but by only 24 points.

Official Results
(1) Rex Merritt (2) Kevin Kaiser (3) Matt Menzie (5) Tommy Cordray (6) Shawn Rayfield (7) Christopher Morelock (8) William McMurtrie (9) Kathy Tonoli (10) Toby Ott (11) Javan Payne (12) Harlen Kennedy (13) John Fellers (14) Andy Kennedy (15) Bryon Allison (16) J.D. Hubert (17) Daniel Jessen (18) Keith Short (19) Wesley Briggs (20) Daniel Eckhoff (21) Olen Eckhoff (22) Lane Elhert (23) Bob Cummings

All three classes back in action this coming Saturday, August 4th (Wow, I can’t believe it’s August is already).

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