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Although track conditions were less then perfect on the night, the Pitt’s Homes “A” Modifieds still ran four wide through the field.  Steve Martin took the win after a wild crash by Jason Meadors.

Meadors started on the pole and ran his 71M on the edge from the green flag.   He looked to be headed to his first win of the season before taking a shade past the edge between turns one and two.

Gary Clark finished second followed by last season’s class champ, Jamie Ragland in third. Johnny Fennewald charged to a fourth place finish from a 19th place start and Kris Jackson rounded out the top 5.

Kelby Taylor, Donnie Fellers, Ken Dickinson, Josh Poe and Matthew Brookshire finish out the top 10 on the night.  Dickinson was also a hard charger getting deep into the top 10 from a 21st place start.

(1) Steven Martin (2) Gary Clark (3) Jamie Ragland (4) Johnny Fennewald (5) Kris Jackson (6) Kelby Taylor (7) Donnie Fellers (8) Ken Dickinson (9) Josh Poe (10) Matthew Brookshire (11) Eric Lampe (12) Jason Pursley (13) Scott Chism (14) Nathan Vaughn (15) Tony Fatino (16) Jason Meadors (17) Jeff Cutshaw (18) Terry Kirk(19) Aaron Poe (20) Dean Hensler (21) David Hendrix (22) Jesse Stovall (23) Jon Sheets (24) Tony Jackson Jr.

Last year’s class champ James Flood looked to have his first win of the season in hand Saturday night until a crash on the last half of the last lap brought out the yellow flag.  Chris Darnell had been trying to run him down from a 14th place start. 

Darnell had problems in his heat and started the feature deep in the pack.  By the time he cleared the field, Flood had built up a bit of a lead. Darnell was slowly reeling him in but for the yellow flag was not going to get the job done.

However on the restart, a green/white one lap finish, Darnell forced his way by Flood on the inside of turn two for the win.  Flood took second with Kenny Carroll finding his way back to the winner’s circle in third.

Bradley Gideon from Nixa finished fourth and Keith Webster came home 5th.  Allen Thompson, Troy Reasoner Jr., Chip Shaddox, Tim McMurtry and Darrin Dennison rounded out the top 10.

(1) Chris Darnell (2) James Flood (3) Kenny Carroll (4) Bradley Gideon (5) Keith Webster (6) Allen Thompson (7) Troy Reasoner Jr (8) Chip Shaddox (9) Timothy Mcmurtry (10) Darrin Dennison (11) Brian Thompson (12) Randy Gilmore (13) Ben Solberg (14) Chad Eckhoff (15) Alan Fugate (16) Tyler Haden  
Evan Hubert gets his first ever late model win Saturday night at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks.  Hubert had his hands full with second place finisher Kevin Kaiser for the first half of the race but finally cleared him and cruised for the win.
Matt Menzie battled his way up to third.  Bryon Allison who looked like he might have the field covered as he dominated his heat race settled for fourth and Tommy Cordray rounded out the top 5.

Daniel Jessen, Robbie Wright, Tobby Ott and the Kennedy boys, Andy and Harlen finished out the 10 respectively.

(1) Evan Hubert (2) Kevin Kaiser (3) Matt Menzie (4) Bryon Allison (5) Tommy Cordray (6) Daniel Jessen (7) Robbie Wright (8) Toby Ott (9) Andy Kennedy (10) Harlen Kennedy (11) Daniel Eckhoff (12) John Fellers (13) Dwight Niehoff (14) Jason Sivils (15) Jake Williams (16) Mark Selsor (17) Bob Cummings 
All three classes back in action this Saturday, June 20th.

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