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  • May 25th-27th, 2017-25th Annual Lucas Oil Show-Me 100 Presented by ProtectTheHarvest.com
  • June 9th-11th, 6th Annual John Haas Memorial Drag Boat Classic
  • June 17th, 2017-ASCS Bob Westphal Memorial Cup Sizzlin' Summer Speedway Finale

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Latest News

Well the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Models and the O’Reilly MLRA presented by Lucas Oil blew into the Midwest this weekend along with Mother Nature. Day one (Friday) was canceled after a severe storms spent the better half of the day pounding southwest Missouri.

“It was a start to the day here at the speedway,” said Randy Bowman, General Track Manager. “The storm that dropped a ton of rain in a few hours not only left the track under water but left several of our systems including scoring and ticketing temporarily useless.”

Although a good bit dryer, Saturday began with no phone system at all and still questionable internet usability.
“I really felt bad about the phones,” added Bowman. “On an event like this, especially with weather questions, the phone around here goes not stop all day. We had no service here until after 8 p.m.”

But with that being said, the SuperClean Diamond Nationals is in the books even though this press release is being typed in the dark Sunday morning because we now have no power at the track. Better no power at 6 a.m. Sunday then 6 p.m. in Saturday…

More details to come, but Brian Birkhofer takes home his second Diamond Ring as he rocketed to the front and never really looked back, probably a good thing, because Bill Moyer was coming!

1 (3) 15B Brian Birkhofer
2 (19) 17m Dale McDowell
3 (27) 21 Billy Moyer
4 (12) 28m Jimmy Mars
5 (4) c9 Steve Casebolt
6 (10) 44 Earl Pearson, Jr.
7 (25) 0 Scott Bloomquist
8 (29) 83 Scott James
9 (22) 3s Brian Shirley
10 (5) 41N Brad Neat
11 (13) 23 John Blankenship
12 (18) 20 Jimmy Owens
13 (20) 75 Bart Hartman
14 (11) 81c Kevin Cole
15 (17) 5 Eric Jacobsen
16 (16) 00 Freddy Smith
17 (28) 99T Eric Turner
18 (14) 53 Ray Cook
19 (21) 93 Ray Moore
20 (2) 54 David Breazeale
21 (7) 1v Will Vaught
22 (24) 22 Alan Vaughn
23 (9) 7 Matt Miller
24 (8) 88 Wendell Wallace
25 (23) 55c Chad Mahder
26 (26) 33 Al Purkey
27 (1) 18 Shannon Babb
28 (15) w3 James Ward
29 (6) 42T Terry Casey

1 54H David Hendrix
2 89 Tate Cole
3 6F Justin Folk
4 25 Rex Merritt
5 88 Chad Wheeler
6 21F Johnny Fennewald
7 2 Grant Junghans
8 51 Tim Setzer
9 98 Jeff Cutshaw
10 4G Gary Clark
11 14 Shawn Nations
12 71M Jason Meadors
13 55 Terry Kirk
14 10P Jason Pursley
15 00S Jesse Stovall
16 22F Luke Feeback
17 4 Josh Poe
18 2H Eric Hudson
19 9 Dean Hensler
20 21M Steve Martin
21 24D Donnie Fellers
22 99T Mike Streigel
23 15R Jamie Ragland
24 12X Cody Elnicki

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