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A Mod April 25 2009Jamie Ragland has a new paint scheme this season on his “A” Modified.  Last year’s class champ has a big eagle behind the 15r on the side.  Not sure about the bird itself, but Saturday night, Ragland way flying.

Joining him in the Lucas Oil Speedway Winner’s Circle was Johnny Fennewald in the 21f after charging from mid pack to finish second followed by David Hendrix in 3rd.

Steve Martin and Luck Feeback rounded out the top 5 on the night.  Rusty Dukes, Jason Pursley, Gary Clark, Daulton Greven and Tony Fatino take us through the top 10.

A Mod April 25 2009Even though he won the class championship last season it was mid-August before Ragland got his first win of 2008.   This season Ragland is number right out of the box but just as in the past, there are some awesome “A” Mods ready to chase him down. 

The Pitt’s Homes “A” Modifieds are back in action next Saturday, April 25, 2009.  For more information, log on to

1    15R       Jamie Ragland
2    21F       Johnny Fennewald
3    54H       David Hendrix
A Mod April 25 20094    21M       Steve Martin
5    22F       Luke Feeback
6    88D       Rusty Dukes
7    10P       Jason Pursley
8    14G       Gary Clark
9    42       Daulton Greven
10    18T       Tony Fatino
11    4       Josh Poe
12    14       Shawn Nations
13    24D       Donnie Fellers
14    19T       Kelby Taylor
15    55       Terry Kirk
16    12M       Christopher Moon
17    9       Dean Hensler
18    98       Jeff Cutshaw
19    12V       Nathan Vaughn
20    8S       Jon Sheets
21    00       Matthew Brookshire
22    5       Colson Kirk
23    32P       Nick Pence
24    72       Ben Solberg

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