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In an effort to continue to grow the Late Model weekly racing class at the Lucas Oil Speedway, officials from the track and the ULMA have developed new guidelines for crate motor Late Models.
These guidelines are listed here in 2009 ULMA rules which will be implemented at our track this season:

Lucas Oil Speedway
United Late Model Association

Rules January 1, 2009

Series or track officials reserve the right to change, delete or amend rules in the interest of competition or safety. 
Bold text added for rules clarification and to reflect changes since previous edition.

SAFETY:  Helmets are required and must meet Snell Standards: Snell SA95, SA2000 or SA2005 full coverage and must be worn at all times. Helmet must accompany vehicle at time of inspection.  Flame retardant neck braces are mandatory.  Flame retardant gloves and shoes are mandatory.  Fire suits of a flame retardant nature must be worn by all competitors. Two-piece fire suits allowed. NO KART SUITS AND NO FLAME RETARDANT COVERALLS.

Additional safety equipment is optional.  Fire extinguisher is required and must be mounted within driver reach.  All drivers must comply with general track safety rules.

GENERAL:  No radio communication or sound equipment allowed unless track authorized.

SEAT & BELTS:  Aluminum seat is recommended by ULMA.  Seat belts and shoulder harness must be at least (3) three inches wide and no older than (3) three years from manufacturer date. 

WINDOW NET:  All cars must be equipped with approved window net.  Window net must be up and secured at all times while car is on track.

BODIES:  ALUMINUM BODIES ONLY (carbon fiber roofs are acceptable). No dished out roofs.  No wings attached to roof or side post.  No built in fiberglass air dams.  Must be stock appearing.  No wings of any kind allowed in cockpit.  No rear wing under trunk.  No side fins of any kind the entire length of car.  Interior of car may be dropped.  If a mud screen is used, there must be at least three safety bars installed in front of driver’s seat and the screen must be securely attached.  For scoring purposes, all car numbers must be visible on car in a readable contrasting color from body.  Numbers will appear on both doors and on the roof and be at least (18) eighteen inches high and (4) four inches wide.  Car must also have legible numbers at least (5) inches high on front and rear of car.  All cars must have secure pick-up loops.

SPOLIERS:  Maximum spoiler width is seventy-two (72) inches; maximum height of spoiler is eight (8) inches.

ENGINES:  "Wet Sump Systems Only," NO dry-sump oiling systems.  Oil pump must be Stock type pump and in stock location.  No external oil pumps allowed.  No external oil tanks allowed.  Oil accumulator okay but must have only one line.  Engine oil cooler okay but must have lines running to the block only.  No oil lines in or out of the oil pan.  ALL blocks must be steel blocks.  ALL heads must be steel heads, NO Aluminum Heads Allowed.  ALL heads must be stock valve angle (23 degree for Chevrolet), (20 degree for Ford), (18 degree for Dodge).  One half (1/2) degree valve angle tolerance (for gauge accuracy only), angle milling not allowed.  Valve angel can and will be checked on any of the 16 valves, any one valve angle found not within tolerance will result in disqualification!  Any car checking outside the tolerance will be disqualified.  Any car found with this rule infraction must go thru a pre-tech inspection before racing another event.  Roller cams allowed.  You may run one 2-barrel or one 4-barrel carburetor.  ALL cars must run track-approved muffler if track calls for one.  No ZOOMIES.  Engine setback rule is 24.5" from center of left upper ball joint to the face of the motor plate (engine side),(3/4 inch tolerance, any car checking over the tolerance will be disqualified, any car with this rule infraction must go thru a pre-tech inspection before racing another event).  This tolerance is given for tool accuracy only, just because a chassis builder states it is a 6” setback does not make it so.  Engine must be shimmed forward as required to meet this spec.  This will be strictly enforced.

CRATE cars will follow all ULMA rules as written except where specifically described.

CRATE motors allowed (Only 602 and 604 CRATE motors).  NO upgrades are allowed to any engine that may produce power via “performance enhancing methods.”    CRATE cars are subject to same engine rules as listed above plus crate engine rules below:  602 CRATE motor compression ratio: 9.1:1 (no tolerance) subject to whistle and compression pump.  604 CRATE motor compression ratio: 9.6:1 (no tolerance) subject to whistle and compression pump.  All engines and parts and components must be as from factory.  This includes, but is not limited to, harmonic balancers, valve springs, push rods, rocker arms, and after market valve covers.  Any changes will result in disqualification and no points awarded.  750 CFM Carb or smaller.  Aerosol carburetors are not legal. must have 1 11/16th base plate maximum.  No tolerance (measured with go/no-go gauge).  Mechanical fuel pump only.  Billet base plates may be used (.780 maximum).  One gasket per surface.  .070 maximum.  604 1” carb spacer maximum, no tolerance.  602 2” carb spacer maximum, no tolerance.  Spacer must not protrude into carb or intake at any point. 

CHASSIS SUSPENSION:  Shocks may be steel or aluminum.  No "canister shocks" allowed.  Maximum of one shock per wheel only is allowed with the exception of one “dummy” shock allowed on the left rear only.  Cars must have a fabricated front stub.  No full-frame chassis. Rack and Pinion steering is allowed.  Coilovers are allowed.  Fifth arm or torque link allowed.  Rear suspension is optional per car.  Roll cage minimum diameter is one and a half (1 ½) inches outside dimension (OD).  Steel tubing must not be less than .083 thick.  Car must have minimum of three (3) bars (ULMA recommends at least 4) of the same material mounted horizontally at the driver’s door.  All welds must be complete circumferences of tubing.  Square tubing is not allowed in driver compartment (cockpit) area.

WEIGHT:  Car and driver must weigh 2,450 lbs after completion of race. NO tolerance.
CRATE Motor 604:  Car and driver must weigh 2,400 lbs after completion of race, no tolerance.  CRATE Motor 602:  Car and driver must weigh 2,250 lbs after completion of race, no tolerance.  CRATE cars will be issued decals to identify motor.  Decals must be displayed on each side of the car on front lower corner of window side panel.  Motor must match decal on car.  If the decal and motor do not match, a disqualification will be rendered.  No tolerance.

WHEELBASE:  Minimum of 103 inches, measured from the center of front hub to the center of rear hub.

WHEELS:  Wheels may be steel or aluminum.  Maximum wheel width is fourteen (14) inches.  Beadlocks are allowed.  Wheel disc (Mud Plugs) are allowed.  Foam wheel plugs are allowed.

TIRES:  Hoosier D-55 tire compound.  Grooving and siping of tires is allowed.  No softening agents may be added to tires at any time.

DRIVESHAFT:  All drive shafts must be steel and must be painted white and have car number painted or affixed on them.  All cars must be equipped with a 360-degree drive shaft loop installed at the front of the shaft in case of breakage.  If using a Bert Ball Spline Transmission, an additional drive shaft loop at rear of drive shaft or an installed deflection bar at rear of cockpit is highly recommended, but optional.

BATTERIES:  Heavy-duty and dry-cell batteries may be used.  Batteries are NOT authorized in the driver compartment area.

FUEL:  Gasoline or alcohol may be used.  No exotic additives such as nitro and naphtha-type products are allowed.  No oxygen-bearing additives are allowed.

FUEL TANKS:  Fuel cells are mandatory.  Maximum 32-gallon fuel cell may be used.  Fuel cell must be encased in steel can.  All fuel cells must be secured by at least two (2) straps.  The straps will be a minimum of (2) two inches wide and (1/8) one-eighth inch thick.  Fuel cell flapper valve (rollover valve) is mandatory.  Fuel vent check-ball valve is mandatory

TRANSMISSION:  Bert and Brinn and Falcon-type transmissions are legal.  Transmission must have at least 2 forward and 1 reverse working gears. Explosion-proof bellhousing required if running external clutch.  Safety blanket or approved shield is mandatory for automatics.  Car must be able to move forward and backwards on its own from a complete stop when ordered to do so.

REAR END:  Floater or quick change rear ends are legal. No type of lockers and Bias sensing devices allowed.

IGNITION: HEI ignition and MSD ignition boxes are allowed.  MSD ignition box and remote rev limiter control must be located out of driver's reach while in the car.  Only one (1) electronic firing module is permitted. Only one (1) ignition coil is permitted. Magnetos are not allowed.  Crank-censored ignitions are not allowed.

TRACTION CONTROL: No type of Traction Control devices are allowed, no tolerance.  This includes any type of electronic or mechanical devices.  Any electronic or mechanical device that senses wheel spin or rpm spike will be considered

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