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The Top 10 racers from the Transport Graphics Factory Stocks were among the three 2008 weekly classes recognized at the Lucas Oil Speedway Banquet Saturday night. James Flood was awarded the class Championship after taking home 4 wins, 7 top fives and 10 top ten finishes on the season.

Troy Reasoner, Jr. finished 2nd in points followed by last years class champion Keith Webster. Chris Darnell and Allen Thompson rounded out the top 5. Our Rookie of the year was Randy Gilmore who finished 7th over all and although he had a great season the question of why Chris Darnell was not chosen for that award soon arose.

As reported above, Chris finished 4th over all with 1 win, 5 top five finishes and 7 top tens in just 9 starts. To answer the question as to why Chris did not receive the recognition as Rookie of year is not one I am excited to give. Believe me, being a PR guy I searched for a (more conducive to saving face) way of putting it, but there is none. The actual answer is we simply missed it.

I attribute the mistake to the fact that Chris has ran so strongly this season and finished so well that it simply took him off our radar as a rookie. A mistake that I cannot apologize enough for making. Several individuals from my staff saw the Rookie list as well and some how it slipped by all us.

At the same time I do not want to take anything away from Randy Gilmore who had an excellent season. In fact this was a banner year in the Transport Graphic’s Factory Stocks as we had over 108 different racers this season in the class and 3 rookies in the top 10. 

However none of them had any where near the record that Chris Darnell posted and I hope the recognition we give him after the facts makes up for not taking home the Rookie Trophy Saturday night. To Chris Darnell, his crew and sponsors please accept our sincere apologies and congratulations of a phenomenal rookie season.

It is with out a doubt one of the strongest Rookie efforts in any class in the Midwest, if not the Nation in 2008.

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