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more helpful hints The entire IMCA proposal was brought forward as a regional change that might benefit the sport at multiple Southwest Missouri tracks over the next few seasons. At the time I agreed to look at whatever multi-track proposal was set on the table but it simply never made it that far.

To be honest, I did not at the time, nor did I ever consider that the Lucas Oil Speedway necessarily had a problem with Modifieds; unless you consider an average of 41 cars per night, a problem. Not to mention multiple, national media sources this season referred to our “A” Mod events as some of the “Best Weekly Racin’ in the Nation!”

I did however want to get our racers views on the subject. I am not saying this is a democracy in shape or fashion but I did want to hear from the guys that changes would directly affect. After fielding emails from over

47 Lucas Oil Speedway “A” Modifieds drivers I will give you the score. 36 said leave the “A” Mods alone and 11 viewed a potential change to IMCA as beneficial. Two of the 11 while agreeing that IMCA might help several issues also felt it would not be the right move for our facility.

With that being said, we can put to bed any further talk of IMCA “A”
Modifieds at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks in 2009. I would put our “A” Mod show up against any weekly or for that matter most special “A” Modified races anywhere in the Nation.

When fans come to the Lucas Oil Speedway, they expect to see the best, and that is exactly what we will continue to deliver in all three of our weekly classes in 2009 including the Pitt’s Homes “A” Modifieds.

I want to thank those that emailed me from both sides of the issue. Your arguments were very well thought out and nicely expressed on all counts. I would have expected nothing less from the high caliber of racers and individuals that I know you all to be.

Currently class rules are posted on LucasOilSpeedway.com at the upper right hand corner of the home page in the section titled Diamond Club Racing Information. 2009 Schedule and Payouts should be ready for publication soon. See you at the awards banquet on Saturday, December 13th.


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