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hydrocodone 5 mg and acetaminophen 325 mg For the first time in his career, Casey Shuman earned a POWRi Midgetvictory, as he trumped Friday’s winner Mike Hess on the last lap ofSaturday’s race at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatfield, Mo.
Drivinga Lucas Oil sponsored Midget, Shuman dove underneath Hess on the 30thand final lap to take the checkered flag. It was only the second lapHess had led during the race; the polesitter also led the opening lapbefore surrendering the lead to Brett Anderson.
Hess looked tohave been in a repeat position of Friday’s win at Valley Speedway. LikeFriday, a mechanical failure – a broken right-front shock after runninginto a lapped car – sent Anderson out of contention for the victoryafter 18 laps. Anderson had led Laps 2-18.
Hess set sail andplanted himself behind a lapped car with a handful of laps left.However, a hard-charging Shuman – known better in the Midwest as aSprint car driver – mounted his charge on the leader and made thewinning move.
Hess finished second, ahead of Chad McDaniel (whoearned the Hard Charger Award after starting 14th), Nick Knepper andAustin Brown. Shuman, Brown and Rich Camfield won heat races, whileDaniel Robinson won the semifeature.
hydrocodone ap 5 500 mg Lucas Oil Spedway Midget Feature Results:
CaseyShuman, Mike Hess, Chad McDaniel, Nick Knepper, Austin Brown, DanielRobinson, Russ Harper, Tyler Robbins, Rich Camfield, Mike Riley, DaveCamfield Jr, Zach Daum, Dereck King, Scott Christle, Matt Fox, CodyBrewer, Tim Siner, Brett Anderson, Greg Lueckert, Joe Boyles, DerrickMyers, Garrett Hood, Kenny Brown


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